Verify Businesses Across the Globe with Innovative Onboarding KYB

KYB process

Online Business platforms are increasing daily. At this time businesses need more precautions while choosing their partners. If a company gets involved with a corrupt partner then they have to deal with the worst consequences. The consequences might include reputational damage or financial instability. To save the businesses from criminal attacks it is necessary to choose a solution that will verify the partners before having an experience with them.

If we talk about the expanding criminal activities then, in the last two years there were 3,270 cases of cybercrime recorded from all over the world. To control the rate of cybercrime, it is necessary to choose an authentic online business partner. The KYB process has made this thing easier for businesses, as it provides them with diverse strategies through which they can validate their business partners in no time.

KYB Solutions

KYB process


Before having a connection with a business partner the company must examine their background, criminal record, and previous connections. This step will make the company more vigilant in terms of verifying its partner. Business verification assists the companies in knowing about the counterparty’s legitimate formation, rules, owner, financial condition, and important details that are assigned to them by the government. Having complete knowledge about all these things will eventually secure the company from future threats. Moreover, verification of these details will also help the company to combat fraudulent activities.

KYB Verification Solution

Through the process of KYB due diligence, companies can easily detect the culprit and it also assists them in deciding whether they have to work with the company or not. Know Your Business verification helps the company enhance its credibility. It creates a healthy bond between the company and the counterparty. This service is not only providing authentic partners to the companies but it will also keep the businesses on track. Through KYB verification solutions, businesses can easily achieve their desired goals.

Automated KYB Business Verification

KYB process


Know Your Business offers solutions with artificial intelligence and machine learning which will help the companies easily Onboarding KYB with less time and effort. In the past, business verifications were done by manual procedures which would take a lot of time. This process exhausts both the company workers and the counterparty as for both of them it was mandatory to present themselves physically. Advanced technologies have made the verification process convenient for businesses. The process which takes too much effort and time in traditional times is now done within a few seconds. 

Through these online services, customers are also enjoying a seamless verification experience. Now, the counterparties do not have to visit office branches to make connections with the companies; they can do all these tasks by staying at their places. 

Secure KYB Process

Onboarding KYB is a secure process. It has multi-layered security strategies that assist businesses in fighting fraudulent activities and cybercrimes. It works as an on-premises solution and takes complete care of the businesses and their counterparty’s important details. The KYB process never shares any information with the third party and on the internet so businesses can rely on this solution to eliminate the risks of fraud.

Effective solution

KYB process


Onboarding KYB is an effective solution that works as an AML and mitigates the higher risks of money laundering from businesses. Know Your Business helps companies in dealing with shareholders that have a criminal record in the past. Moreover, it has double layers of security so no one can pass it without a complete validation process. If someone who has a criminal record passes the verification process, then it means that the company is also involved in criminal activities.

The procedure of Onboarding KYB

Onboarding KYB can be done through various steps:

  • Examination of ID Documents

KYB verification begins with gathering the ID documents and all the basic information of the companies and then validating them to know their authenticity.

  • Validation of Documents

In this process of KYB verification, the system validates the background of the company and all the provided details. This process also includes the investigation of criminal records. If the system finds any risks of criminal activity in the details of the counterparty, then it notifies the company not to work with them.

  • Future Threats

Know Your Business also assists businesses in telling them about future threats. It takes continuous care of the counterparty’s activities even after they make a deal with the company. That’s how KYB verification solution helps businesses in their onboarding process. 


KYB process


Onboarding KYB is necessary for companies who want to make reliable connections. It helps businesses in fighting with the risks of fraudulent activities and provides them with tactics to achieve their set goals. Utilizing the KYB onboarding can enhance an organization their efficiency, accuracy, and credibility of its business operations.

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