Waiver of Liability: What Is It and What Is It For?

Online Waiver Software

Waiver of liability is a written/electronic agreement or one of its provisions. This is a document that deals with the relationship between the two parties. More specifically, it stipulates the limitation of liability or its complete exclusion for one of the counterparties. This is relevant for those areas of business that involve a risk to the client. For example, skydiving, horseback riding, or rock climbing.

When entrepreneurs need protection from the liability being imposed on them, the relevant provision should be included in the main agreement or a relevant document is drafted and signed. In such a case, the clients agree that all risks are assumed by them and they waive the right to file a legal case against the provider of services or products. Both parties sign a waiver of liability. If trouble happens to the client in the course of providing services, the client cannot sue the entrepreneur.

Such agreements became widespread during the COVID-19 pandemic. They were signed by owners and visitors to restaurants, beauty salons, clinics, and other public places. In addition to the waiver of liability for injuries and illnesses, there are other forms available. They are relevant for medical procedures, when purchasing tickets for certain modes of transportation, and when distributing photos.

Online Waiver Software: the Advantages

Online Waiver Software

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You can use either a paper document or a free online waiver to sign the agreement. The first option is more familiar, as entrepreneurs have used this method year after year. However, the software has many advantages, including the following:

  • high speed of document generation;
  • full compliance with legislative norms;
  • recognition of the agreement as valid as a paper document.
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Using the waiver tool, entrepreneurs and their customers can access the agreement from any device. The software is adapted for computers as well as for Android and iOS smartphones. It takes minimal time to draw up a document, as the developers provide ready-made templates. It is enough to specify the relevant data in the appropriate fields and certify the agreement with electronic signatures.

All the data is stored in a reliable and secure online database. It is very easy to access it. Furthermore, users do not need any special skills for this purpose. Should you need to prove your case, you will quickly find and get access to the relevant electronic document. It does not need to be printed out after signing, which saves space in the office and enables users to automatically organize all documents.

What Areas Can a Digital Liability Waiver Be Used In?

Online Waiver Software

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Waiver software is actively used in various business segments. With its help, every participant in the transaction will quickly and easily sign a document to move on to further action. Otherwise, the client will not be able to use the services provided by the entrepreneur. The main areas of business where the waiver of liability is essential include:

  • organizing tours to specific countries and regions;
  • provision of services to improve appearance (cosmetology, hair removal, makeup);
  • access to sessions in the gym (with or without a coach);
  • organization of outdoor activities (riding horses, scooters, bicycles);
  • performance of contract work (construction, paving, plumbing repairs).

In fact, the list of services that require online waiver software is much broader. It can be absolutely any activity from catering to flying in a hot air balloon. Every business has risks, and you can minimize them by using a waiver of liability.

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Digital Liability Waiver: Popular Software

Online Waiver Software

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Since most business owners tend to pursue the automation and acceleration of all processes in their activities, such documents as digital liability waivers have become widespread. This is why reputable developers do their best to create software that facilitates the generation and signing of documents. Some of the most popular software products include:

  • WaiverFile;
  • WaiverForever;
  • PandaWaiver.

WaiverFile is software that is available in an online version, and there is also an app for Android or iOS devices. You are offered several plans, which vary in their cost. You can also pay for advanced features or purchase storage space for images.

WaiverForever is software for Android and iOS devices. It offers many options to make business processes easier. For example, you can add a link to a digital liability waiver to your company’s website, and conduct data analytics. You can use the free version to get acquainted with the software. Advanced features are available as part of a certain tariff plan.

Pandadoc is a modern software, which is available for integration into corporate software. It works both on computers and mobile devices. Using the software, you can sign waivers extremely quickly, providing links to the document to your counterparties. Maximum reliability and data safety are ensured during the operation of the software, so there is no need to print out documents and store them in the office.

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