Mistakes You Make When Wearing Gel Nail Polish

Gel Nail Polish

Usually the gel polish the manicure could last in 2 to 3 weeks but with clipping. On the other hand with the normal polish you are lucky you don’t need to clip and it lasts in 7 days. The best thing about gel polish is it gives cover to the natural nails and protects them from getting damaged. But there is a drawback of the gel or UV nail polish and its durability and over-protection chemical could weaken your natural nails and make them split. I know this is hilarious and no one could afford this. 

People are making a few mistakes while they are wearing gel nail polish let’s discuss them below at Live Enhanced.

1. Using Gel Nails Again and Again

Gel Nail Polish

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When you are using gel nails polish unfortunately you need to use it again and again, and I mean wearing and tearing on nails again and again. The consistent use of gel nail polish could weaken your natural nails, and it also causes dehydration in your nails and makes them break. So the suggestion is don’t use the gel polish again and again, and if you have to use it then maintain your nails hydrated, so how they could now break. 

2. When You Let Gel Polish for Long

Gel Nail Polish

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As I have mentioned above, the gel polish you can wear for two to three weeks even without clipping, and even if you want to tear you have to use a clipper. According to the experts, you don’t let it for more than 2 to 3 weeks, because it may cause damage to your nails. Damage such as it can weaken your nails, rough your nails, or could dehydrate your nails. So make sure you remove the gel once you are done with it.

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3. You Don’t Get Professional Help

Gel Nail Polish

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Remember one thing, wearing the gel polish nail is easy, but tearing the polished nails is very difficult. It is easy to say you can remove them with the help of a clipper, but trust me it is not like that. You must need professional help. Clipper is actually a tool and only professionals know how to remove the gel nail from the nails smoothly without causing any damage. So make sure you are not doing it by yourself, just call the professional and remove the gel nail polish.

4. You Don’t Use Cuticle Oil

Gel Nail Polish

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According to experts, you can avoid the damage if your nails are flexible, usually, nails are flexible but if your nails are hard or sturdier? It would be good if you use the cuticle oil before wearing and tearing the gel polish so that your nails could not damage. 

These are the four biggest mistakes you usually made while wearing the gel polish nails, so make sure you would not make them on your purpose.

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