Escape the Daily Grind: Discover Your Perfect Weekend Getaways for You

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Weekend Getaways for You

If you’re looking for a weekend getaway to help you wind down from the stress of daily living, there are options you might not even have considered. Take a look at a few of the following ideas. You might find one that suits you just right.

A Winery Experience

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Have you ever visited a winery? It can be the perfect weekend getaway. If you visit the winery in Summersville, WV, for instance, you’ll have a chance to see how wine is made on a tour of the vineyard and sample the delicious wines. You may even want to go on a weekend in which there is a special event or festival. It can be a wonderfully relaxing and educational experience.

A Wilderness Weekend

Perhaps you’re an outdoors person. In that case, your favorite getaway may be a wilderness weekend. You could rough it by camping out or renting a cabin for the weekend if you’d like a few comforts. You can go hiking or horseback riding, swimming or fishing. Or you can simply sit back and watch the sunset or gaze at the stars in the fresh air.

A History Tour

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Maybe you’re hooked on history. Then make your weekend getaway a history tour. You might spend a couple afternoons at a local museum, immersing yourself in local history. Or you could visit a Civil War battlefield or colonial town. Read up on relevant history ahead of time so that you can fully appreciate what you see. Take time to enjoy tours, documentaries and exhibits. You may want to pick up a couple books at the end of your visit so that you can continue learning.

Genealogy Research

If you’re a genealogist, you might turn your weekend getaway into a research trip. Schedule time at a genealogy library, historical society or archive. Draw up ahead of time a list of documents and facts that you want to research so that you can have a fruitful visit. You may also want to visit towns where your ancestors lived. You can see some of the places they knew and better understand how they lived and worked.

Artistic Enjoyment

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Artistic enjoyment can make for another great way to spend a weekend. You could tour an art museum on a Saturday, for instance, learning about various styles and eras of art. Then spend part of Sunday pursuing your own art. Even if you don’t currently paint or sculpt, now may be the time to give it a try. You can take a class or two to provide you with basic skills and get you started, or you might find instructional videos online. Don’t be afraid to give art a try. You may be surprised by the results.

Fun at the Beach

Of course, a weekend at the beach can nearly always be a great getaway, especially if you live in a cold climate and want to escape the snow and ice. You can merely lounge in the sand and sun, or you can indulge in some of your favorite water sports. Don’t hesitate to take part in the beach culture either, enjoying the music and the food.

Sports Galore

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Perhaps sports are your thing. Then your weekend getaway can involve sports galore. Get tickets for a professional game for your favorite sport or team. Or, better yet, play your favorite sport. Spend part of the weekend enjoying a game of basketball or baseball with friends. Play tennis, or go swimming. Meet up with friends for a round or two of golf. You’ll get both relaxation and exercise in the process and have a lot of fun.

Time at Home

Finally, while you might not think that a weekend getaway is compatible with time at home, it actually can be. Disconnect from your phone and email for the weekend, and throw yourself into your favorite activities. You might work on a hobby that you’ve been neglecting for a while. You could catch up on your reading or a favorite TV show. You might even get in a little extra sleep. Most importantly, relax, and enjoy the comforts of home.

A weekend getaway can fight stress, and it can also be just plain fun. So start planning your getaway, and get ready to enjoy a wonderful weekend.

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