What are the Australia PR requirements?

Australia PR

The Australia PR requirements are that the candidates should be highly skilled and experienced to get selected for immigration here.

Anyone who wants to immigrate to Australia should be of a certain age first of all. The foremost of the Australia PR requirements is that the highest age at which the Australian government accepts PR applicants is 45. After that, age, the Australia PR requirements are such that the candidate is not given any points for age. Expression of interest is to be provided as the first step towards the Australia PR requirements, including, the IELTS scorecard and the skill assessment report. The most mandatory part of the Australia PR requirements is that for the 189 and the 190 visas this EOI should not have a score of lower than 65 points.

Australia PR Requirements

All the Australia PR requirements  are listed below:

→ Competent English:

The English levels of a candidate should be reasonably good and he should not have less than 6 in every IELTS portion.

→ Skill assessment:

The second step in the procedure for Australian PR consists of getting the skills assessed of a candidate and proving how equivalent they are to the Australians parameters. The Australian government only recognizes overseas experience once it finds it to be between 3-5 years. The procedure for Australian PR needs that a candidate’s skill assessment is done to reveal his years of experience which should not be less than 3 years.

→ Demand for the candidate’s occupation:

The third step after skill assessment in the procedure for Australian PR is in knowing where the candidate stands in terms of the demand for his occupation in Australia. A candidate might be having no demand for his profession in Australia due to which his occupation might not be a part of any short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) of any state. The procedure for Australian PR requires that a candidate’s occupation is a part of such a list so that he becomes eligible for state nomination and he gets 5 points.

Australia PR

→ Waiting for the invitation letter:

A candidate needs to wait for the invitation letter which is the last stage of the procedure for Australian PR. The invitation letter can take a long time to arrive because an EOI can be considered by the government for two years.

The arrival of the Invitation Letter: This is the document which shows that your application has been found to be eligible as per the Australia PR requirements.

Therefore, it’s important that the candidate should have the necessary knowledge about the Australia PR requirements. Without such knowledge, it’s not possible for him to get the Australia PR.

→ Provide documents for the 189 and the 190 visas:

As per the Visa For Australia, a person is eligible for 2 months to put his papers for the 189 and the 190 visas if he gets the invitation letter. Once he is in Australia already on a visa and his current visa is no longer valid, he can apply for a bridging visa to stay in Australia once he gets the invitation letter.

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