Everything You Need to Know About This River House in Mexico

River House in Mexico
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This Mexican river house 1,200 square meters in a patch of woods consists of two quarters, one confidential and one accessible, separated by a river that begins at the entrance gate and spans the entire property. This ambitious building comprises an underground wine cellar with perfect temperature and illumination, with a volume of 400 bottles. We would also consider an underground moderate immersive space beside it.

Living room

River House in Mexico

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The Effective living room is made with so sophistication, and all the furniture placed is co-ordinated and well maintained. A wooden ceiling and flooring accompany the pastel-colored sofa. The sitting five chairs and table are also there to make them look even beautiful. At the turning of the corner, you can discover indoor landscapes that intertwine accessible and enclosed spaces. The centerpieces are two horseshoe chandeliers, nine meters high and six meters high, dropping into each household level.


River House in Mexico

source: thestar.com

A three-story section consists of 5 suites, with its restroom and a patio built to appreciate the river view by itself. You will understand the central living room next to the quadruple entrance gate with a wood furnace that heats the entire house on cold evenings. Also, each patio of the room is built to interpret and appreciate the sight and rhythm of the house’s river water.

Kitchen Space

River House in Mexico

source: thestar.com

On the rooftop, you will discover an open kitchen deserving of the finest restaurants in town with a rock oven, facing a dining room for 14, lounge areas, swimming, and gas fireplace. The internal kitchen and its 6-meter-high ceiling provide support to the kitchen area enclosed by a glass and metal frame overlooking the courtyard, the river, the adjacent woodland, and the internal 12-seater dining table.

The whole house tour

The house consists of various volumes, with uneven floors that intersect at the center stage. The largest area is a three-story area of individual bedrooms and the family’s private quarter, and the second quarter, with two vaulted ceilings, covers public and utility areas. The internal dining and living room leads to a terrace that makes for an external connection. 

River House in Mexico

source: thestar.com

The pool next to the community space makes a connection here between the building and the outdoor scenery. The cellar is home to a wine cellar with optimal temperature and illumination and art & high-tech cinematic space. Beside the river lies a fire pit, surrounded by cozy chairs covered in hot sheep’s skin. 

The minute detailing

Grayish rocks, mahogany timber, detailed topography, and the surrounding countryside and river are blended to make River House look like part of the natural world. The structural vocabulary, generated from surfaces of various materials, devalues the texture of the landscape. Through this, heavy materials such as rock formations and concrete give a softer feel. 

The River House building was constructed with a steel frame that makes for expansive rooms with high ceilings and double-height heights. Earth-tone painting stones were used on the exterior. Glazed roof tiles, Alamo wooden window covers, railings, and black metal frames.

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