World’s Best Hotel in Desert That You Visit in 2020

Wadi Rum Luxury Camp, Jordan
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1. Emeraude Desert Camp, Morocco

Emeraude Desert Camp, Morocco


Emeraude Luxury Camp is situated in El Karia , Morocco. It is a top rated hotel including a bar, a garden and a terrace place. The accommodation is approximately near about 35 km from Marrakech. WiFi and other convenience regarding private parking is available here. There is a glittering seating area, a dining place and complete modular kitchen set up with a fridge and oven including stovetop. The food facilities of this hotel are so much relishing. The guests at the camps can enjoy those continental breakfasts with a pure feeling of Morocco. The nearest airport of the desert hotel , Marrakech-Menara, near about 30 km. And the hotel offers a paid airport cab service as well for the extra advantages of the guests. It was one of the best hotels in 2020.

Ratings: 9.7/10.

2. And Beyond, Sossusvlei Desert Lodge, Namibia

And Beyond, Sossusvlei Desert Lodge, Namibia


Namibia is one of the oldest and driest deserts in the world , the Namib Desert is different landscape of vast places in itself, horizontal spectrums, unbelievable desert scape views and sky kissing mountain heights. In this beauty of infinite horizon there is a place which offers us to be the part of this spectacular views of nature and it is the And Beyond , Desert Lodge. Besides food and lodging services there is a number of benefits like hiking , desert rock experience , big dune walk , wellness treatments , chopper scenic flight and all are available as well. This is also a top listed hotel in desert areas.

Rating: 10/10.

3. Amangiri, Utah

Amangiri, Utah


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Amangiri is a luxurious 5 star desert hotel which is located at the luminous canyons of Canyon Point in Utah, the protected valley with dazzling views, the resort offers adrenaline adventurous trips and , peaceful spa and wellness retreat advantages as well. Alongside the basic dine and stay facilities they also provide wellness services , exciting tour and travel services , the transport system is also quite better than the others. They also arrange conference and events , this hotel also contain beautiful suites as well.


4. Wadi Rum Luxury Camp, Jordan

Wadi Rum Luxury Camp, Jordan


This is one of the most beautiful and best hotels in 2020. From far view it seems like a few rain drops are still upon the rough desert soil. This desert hotel is centred in the heart of Wadi Rum area under protected parameters. Each tent contains luxurious comfortable beds, including Bedouin style furnished sofa, shinning mirrors, lamps , bed linens. Tents contain a private terrace to experience the spectacular views over the tidal erection of Wadi Rum Mountains. The toilet and shower facilities are also very much good the hospitality of the hotel service providers. This is the place where the couples find the ultimate peace of love.


5. Bab Al Shams Resort, United Arab Emirates

Bab Al Shams Resort, United Arab Emirates


Dubai , the beauty of the oasis ; contains one of the best desert hotels in the earth. The Arabian cultured fort designed hotel is a world of glorious luxury and magnificence in itself. The 8 restaurants based hotel is elected in the list of best desert hotel 2020. Culturally rich Dubai’s heritage , traditional Arabian interior and the Arabic or Indian or Italian or International food recipes make it more and more attractive to the visitors. The guests can do archery or camel riding or driving to the dunes , they can be able to experience the core Arabic culture in this desert hotel.


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6. Desert Nights Camp, Oman

Desert Nights Camp, Oman


This 5 star Desert Hotel Nights Camp provides 39 luxurious Bedouin interior furnished tents and 14 non tent rooms regarding their standard. The Desert Nights Camp is situated on the Sharqiya sands, a 2 hour path distance from Muscat. This secluded area covers 11 km of beautiful horizontal desert landscape. Alongside an exciting experience of camel rides within the camp periphery in the morning time is provided. Simply this is the most expendable hotel among the all desert hotels in the earth.


7. Hotel Cumbres San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Hotel Cumbres San Pedro de Atacama, Chile


Atacama is one of the most well know deserts in the world. The sunset and sunrise moments make it more attractive to the visitors. The Hotel Cumbers San Pedro De Atacama is also a reason of attraction of this Chilean desert environment. This hotel is an amusement in itself , homely atmosphere along with number of Chilean dishes to taste make it more lovely hotel in Chile. This desert hotel is a real example of pre Columbian culture which the tourists generally like the most.


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