What Are the Top 8 Investments a Small Business Owner Can Make?


Does your business have a bit of extra cash lying around? That’s a good position to be in, but you need to know where to invest it. In this article, we’re going to look at your options. Investing as a business is slightly different than investing as a solo individual. That’s because as well as a range of regular investments, you can also invest in more things that could help your business earn even more money. And that’s what we’re going to look at in this article, both ways to put your money somewhere else and let it grow by itself, or ways to invest your capital so that it helps your business grow even more and make more money by itself.

Which of these options is right for you? That depends on your outlook, business circumstances, market and how much money you’ve got to invest. Perhaps you’d rather keep your investments to one side, or think it’s a better idea to pour more money into the business? These are the decisions you’ll need to make. It might be a good idea to diversify and use a number of these ideas as part of a wider investment portfolio.

Maybe you’ve got some extra money in the business because you recently sold a major asset. Perhaps you’ve just had a great couple of months of sales, or maybe you recently got some capital from an investment. Either way, you’re probably wondering where to put the money. Well, this is the article for you. In it, we’re going to have a closer look. So what are the top investments a small business owner can make? Let’s have a look…



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One of the best and most stable investments for businesses is property. There’s a reason people have been investing in it for years. Perhaps you want to grow the footprint of your business and open in new premises to increase sales? Maybe you want more storage space, the property can be good for all this and more.

But property isn’t just good for helping your business on a strategic or operational level. It’s also a great investment in and of itself. You don’t even have to be buying property for your actual business to use. You could be renting it out to tenants and keeping it as something you hope is going to grow in the future. That’s the great thing about property, it’s versatile and can be used a lot of different ways—but it can also grow in principle as well as give you some good yields in the process.

Another great thing about property investment is that it’s reasonably low risk. While no investment can be guaranteed, most areas have seen good property growth over the last few decades. Again, past performance doesn’t indicate future growth, but it’s a good place to start.

2.Other assets

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Maybe your business needs another major asset that could help you grow, or perhaps you’ve got another idea for an investment in an asset just for the sake of the investment itself. Either way, it could be a good idea to pick the right asset and analyze how it might grow or what it might do for your business. Things like vehicles might depreciate, but they could add something to your business if you really need them to help growth. Or you could look at assets that don’t depreciate instead.



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If you’re the owner of a business that deals in regular stock and sells actual products rather than virtual or digital ones, then having enough stock to make money and grow is always important. Why not use your new funds to buy a load more stock so that you can make even more money when you sell it? Make sure you’ve got enough space to keep it all. You’ll also want to make sure it doesn’t have close expiry dates so you aren’t left with a load of unsold and worthless stock. Don’t bite off too much, but increasing your stock levels could be a great way to make your business even more money further down the line. 



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Another great investment your business could make that can make you even more money is by investing in staff. Oftentimes, each member of staff you hire can produce more for your business than they cost. So if you need new salespeople or other workers that can help your business grow and ultimately make more money in the long run, think about investing in staff. Staff isn’t always cheap, but they could be one of the best investments your business makes.

5.Investment funds



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Instead of looking for ways to grow your business itself, you might just want somewhere good to put your money so that it looks after itself. Investment funds can be a good way to let someone else pick which stocks to go for and hopefully let your capital grow over time. You won’t have to check back every day or do the research yourself, so investment funds are a good hands-off investment. 



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If you’d rather pick each individual stock yourself, then you can do that. This might take a bit more research and knowledge, but it’s a good idea for those that want to be a bit more hands-on with their money. Have a look at growth stocks as well as ones that tend to give high dividends. Work out which is right for you, or have a mix of both.


Infrastructure funds

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Maybe you need new manufacturing plants for your business. Is there some other infrastructure that could help you grow and make more money? Infrastructure can be expensive, but it could be one of the best investments to help your business grow.

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This one is a bit similar to infrastructure, but does your business need more or new technology to get to the next level? Maybe you need new software licenses or some new hardware. Investing in them could help you make even more in the long run. Maybe you need a small business phone service to take your sales opportunities to the next level?



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