Why Should You Use Instagram to promote your fashion products online?

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In the event that you are an owner of a small fashion retail store, then you will need to have a strong marketing campaign to make a mark in the world of fashion. You are perhaps already posting a lot of pictures of the fashion products on various social media platforms like Facebook, and it is common knowledge that fashion websites go along well with social media platforms. But perhaps what you are not aware of is what social media platform you should be using for specifically fashion branding. The perfect social media platform for marketing a fashion website is Instagram. This article will help you to learn how you can use Instagram for promoting your fashion line.  


Understanding what Instagram is

followers for Instagram

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Instagram is basically an application on the internet for sharing photos from your mobile phones. This social media website will allow you to be sharing your videos and the pictures to a lot of followers who are pre-approved both publicly and privately. Instagram is free to use on both Android phones and Apple phones.

You might be even wondering why it is essential for you to invest a lot of time in promoting your products especially on Instagram and not any other social media platforms. Every day a lot of new applications of social media are launched in the markets. It is essential to understand that Instagram will not be just a trending fad on the internet. For example, all the successful marketing campaigns of fashion websites have a strong component for visual marketing. Customers will like to be seeing what they will be getting.

Thus, when you provide pictures of your fashion products you will be accomplishing that goal with ease. Compared to other social media platforms, Instagram is far more useful as you will be encouraging more interaction with other potential customers who will be viewing images of your products. A lot of customers will not like to read extensively about your fashion products; instead, they will want to be seeing the products that you have to offer. With Instagram, you will be doing just that. It will help to drive more traffic onto your business website also. You will also be able to link the Instagram posts you to your official fashion website and on your bio. By mentioning the link to your business website and by using a specific call to action button on your posts will help to send the Instagram users into your fashion website and make their purchases of your fashion apparels.  


How should you be promoting your fashion brand to mobile phone users

followers for Instagram

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A lot of people use their mobile phones for browsing the internet these days, and most people do their online shopping also from their smartphones? Hence, you need to target the mobile audience much more acutely. Instagram is the best way of doing this. Most Instagram users use their cell phones only for accessing the app and publishing their posts from, in fact, Instagram is primarily an app for mobile phones. Thus, people who use mobile phones extensively for browsing their social media content would be more easily converted to paying customers if you use Instagram for advertising your fashion products. Instagram has hundreds of millions of users worldwide and around 60 million active monthly users.

This makes this social media platform ideal for marketing fashion wares. Marketing by Instagram will require you to promote your products on Instagram, and for this, you will need to create an attractive Instagram profile and upload great content on them. Upload photos of your fashionwear and products. Choose high-quality images which will make your clothes look more attractive and entice people to buy them. Also, upload videos of your fashion events on Instagram to get more engagement.


How should you be promoting your fashion line on Instagram?

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Perhaps now you are wondering about the marketing plan for your fashion brand. Instagram is the most effective tool for marketing fashion brands because it enables users to be able to see, immediately, the images of the fashion products you have to sell without them having to visit your official fashion website or having to stop by into your retail store. But it is still worth remembering that it will not be easy to attract and then retain customers through Instagram by just posting photos of your fashion apparels. You will be required to implement proper marketing ideas to see you clothing brand get maximum exposure.


You must create an attractive business profile

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Your profile on Instagram should be able to explain clearly what your fashion label is all about, like the style of clothes you sell and what are the specific benefits that your clothes will offer to customers. You must give a chance for users to be able to connect with your fashion brand and learn more about it. This will help you to engage more with your customers. Include all the details of your company and add links to your official business website on your Instagram profile.

But simply creating an amazing business profile on Instagram and sharing high quality and beautiful pictures will not be doing you much good, you need to advertise your products to more and more people, and for this, you must get more followers for Instagram to boost your advertising efforts.


Instagram is an amazing platform to promote your fashion products. By sharing high-quality images of your fashion products and other important information related to your business, you will be able to expose your products to a lot of people around the world. This will help to increase your outreach which will help to promote your business more. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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