Wicked Wheels – 5 Useful Car Mods That Are Worth Every Cent

Wicked Wheels - 5 Useful Car Mods That Are Worth Every Cent

If your car is your pride and joy and you spend countless hours tinkering with it, then you might be on the lookout for modifications you can make that will enhance your user experience. Rather than focus on decals and other pointless changes that do nothing to improve the driver experience, why not consider alterations that do?

Your car’s performance should always be equal to its aesthetic. If you’re looking to purchase performance parts that improve your car’s overall performance and your driving experience, you can check out TDot Performance.

Here are five of the many useful changes you can make for a far more luxurious time on the road:

Additional Lighting

Whether you go for neon lighting in the interior of your car, or something more functional such as LED light bars, you will find additional lighting is a modification that’s worth every cent. LED lighting is convenient if you’re on an off-roading adventure in poorly lit conditions. You can even find benefit in it if you’re heading on a family road trip – meandering down various back roads. While your vehicle’s factory lights are fine for night time driving, adding more can offer the enhanced visibility you require to hit the open road with confidence.

Limited Slip Differential

If you’re not all that mechanically-minded, then a limited slip differential can sound like it’s a foreign language. This component is one that very rarely arrives as a stock part in your car but can be helpful for providing traction and horsepower. The LSD works by allowing your vehicle’s output shafts to rotate at different speeds while simultaneously limiting the difference between them.

Better Tires

A set of tires for a car, SUV, and pickup truck can all vary. You can pay as little as $100 apiece for a sedan, but as much as $400 for a single tire for a pickup truck. While you might think the price variation is a little strange, it’s all part and parcel of quality over price. If you want to achieve better handling, braking, and cornering, then some tires can offer superior performance to others. Therefore, focus on quality as opposed to pricing when it comes to this critical part of your driving experience.

Shock Absorbers

Do you find that every road and off-road trip feel like you’re on a bucking bronco? You’re not alone. Not every vehicle features the best shock absorbers out of the factory. Instead, you need to consider replacing them with an aftermarket variety. Shock absorbers do as the name suggests – absorb shock. They help you to remain with your tires firmly on the road while enabling you to feel more “at one” with both the vehicle and the asphalt. Then, if you pair better shock absorbers with stiffer springs, you will have created one of the most useful car modifications for comfortable cruising.

Onboard Diagnostics

Is your car doing something unusual but you can’t quite put your finger on it? Are you reluctant to take it to a mechanic until you have some idea of what the problem could be? Then, it might be time to use onboard diagnostics (OBD). If your car was manufactured in 1996 or later, you may have this diagnostics system in your vehicle and not even know it. All you need is a cable that enables you to read the information and find out what the problem is.

There are so many useful car modifications you can make to enhance your driving experience. You only have to pay attention to what’s available on the market. Consider upgrading your lighting, shock absorbers, and tires, and check out what’s available in the realm of onboard diagnostic systems and limited slip differentials. Think about getting new car accessories, such as car seat covers, floor mats, dash mats, and boot liners, as well. It’s a relatively affordable upgrade that will make driving your car more comfortable for you. These modifications will more than bring a smile to your face.

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