Fashion on a Budget: Ways to Save Money on Clothes

“You do not have to be rich to be stylish. Style is not about buying designer clothes. You can be stylish on any budget. It is about buying the clothes that reflect who you are, flatter you and putting them together in a harmonious way” –Author Unknown

It seems in this modern world wherein prices are forever escalating; both fashion and style are two aspects you just have to compromise.

After all, if you are constrained to a budget and if you have a family to feed, you would need to make certain concessions on style, right? Well, yes and no. The truth is, you can still look as fashion forward in budget clothing as you do in retail ones. The trick is to find an excellent store that sells them to you at an affordable price. Unfortunately, affordable does not always mean quality and as a result, we may have clothes and sartorial items that would break down after a couple of usages. Consequently, the constant breaking down of clothes would prompt you to buy more in order to replace them—not exactly a practical solution to someone on a budget, is it not?

So, apparently there exists a fashion dilemma wherein buying affordable clothes does not always mean quality? How does a fashionista reconcile her budget with her penchant for fashion then? Well, take a gander at the list below, it does not matter whether your taste is largely retail or wholesale urban clothing, here are ways you can save up on clothing (without compromising on style or your love for fashion):


  • Buy better quality clothing

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Sure, you might be spending more but the general idea here is to have clothes that you will not likely replace in the next five years or so. In essence, the clothes you choose should be durable and should be in excellent quality. You will get more value out of decent clothes, just make sure you invest only in classic pieces that do fit.


  • Buy clothes at the right time

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To potentially save big on your clothing purchases, time them well. You will be surprised at how much you can save if you timed your investment in clothes well. Apart from watching out for sales, generally buying off season would guarantee you better deals than buying what is in season right now. In this regard, try to steer clear from trends and what is considered stylish right now. These are the clothes that would cost you exorbitantly.


  • Do not wash clothes as often

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Sure, you may think that it is not exactly the most hygienic practice out there but washing your clothes after every use is not really necessary—especially if you have not done any vigorous activity while wearing them and do not sweat too much. Washing your clothes will help them last longer and would mean you do not have to replace them as often. Clothes such as jeans and sweaters can be worn multiple times and can be aired out before they would need to be washed.


  • Take care of your clothes better

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See that little care tag on your clothes that you seem to neglect? Well, it is there for a reason. Care tags are there to ensure that the owner of the clothes would have an awareness as to how best to care for their clothes. In this regard, adhere to what it says strictly. If it says hand wash only, then do not machine wash them. Furthermore, protect them using vacuum storage bags and properly clean them. You can preserve your clothes nearly forever if you knew how to care for and protect them properly.


  • Be creative with your current wardrobe

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It does not matter whether you have only a hundred items in your wardrobe as even a minimalist wardrobe has countless possibilities. And yes, you can certainly mix up your look every single day. To make the most out of your wardrobe, be sure to find inspiration online and make the most out of the existing wardrobe you have.

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