4 Key Things You Need to Look for When Buying a Motorcycle

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For many men and women, owning a motorcycle is a life goal. Just the mere thought of warm summer days, the wind in one’s hair, and traveling unencumbered down an open road is enough to send a motorcycle enthusiast straight to the dealership. But before taking the plunge and ditching four wheels for two, a person should consider all of the pros and cons of motorcycle ownership. A motorcycle may be a simpler machine than a car, but it still comes with its fair share of expenses, maintenance, and risks. Once the decision to purchase a motorcycle is final, there are four key things to look for before buying.

1. What Make and Model Are Desired?

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The first key thing to look for when buying a motorcycle is the make and model that is desired. Between 1970 and 2019, there were tens of thousands of motorcycles made by 39 manufacturers. Therefore, those who are shopping for a motorcycle have a plethora of choices. In order to narrow down one’s choices, it is necessary to consider whether it will be used more for on-road or off-road purposes. Perhaps it will be used equally for both. In addition, consider whether a cruiser, power bike, or sportbike will best fulfill the need. Once a type of bike is decided upon, the best make and model can be pinpointed. 

2. Does New or Used Fit the Budget?

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The next key thing to look for when buying a motorcycle is whether to purchase a brand new one or seek out a clean, high quality used one. Just like buying a brand new car, there is something enticing about buying a brand new motorcycle. Knowing that all of the parts are new and unused and that you are the one to get to break it in is tempting. However, for some people, a brand new bike is not in the budget. In this case, purchasing a used bike may be the way to go. Many companies specialize in used motorcycles. They take pride in cleaning and tuning up pre-owned bikes and reselling them to their next owner. For examples of clean, quality pre-owned motorcycles go to cleanharleys.com

3.What Sound and Noise Level Is Emitted?

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The third key thing to look for when buying a motorcycle is the level of sound and noise it emits. Some people prefer a quiet, mellow exhaust tone that is pleasing to the ears but not too loud. Others love loud pipes that announce their coming and going. No matter the preference, the level of sound and noise being emitted should be considered. Too much noise can cause hearing damage. Repeated exposure to sounds greater than 85 dB can result in hearing loss. The simple act of riding a motorcycle at highway speeds can result in wind sounds of greater than 100dB. This doesn’t include the sounds of the motorcycle itself. Being sure to choose a quieter bike, or if not, wearing earplugs can help prevent hearing loss. 

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4.Will It Be Used for Short or Long Rides?

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The fourth key thing to look for when buying a motorcycle is whether it will be used for short rides around town or long rides around the state or country. If a person plans to take short rides only, then they may not need to think too much about the ergonomics, comfort level, and accessories of the bike. However, if a person plans to take longer trips, these considerations become very important. It is necessary to think about things like seat height, handlebar reach, and the pressure being placed on one’s wrists, knees, and back. It is also necessary to think about purchasing a bike with a windshield for wind protection and saddlebags for storage. 

Choosing the perfect motorcycle can be a daunting task, but also a doable one, if one takes the time to consider the make and model desired, whether a new or used bike fits their budget, the level of sound and noise emitted and whether their bike will be used for long or short rides. By thinking about these four things throughout the research and shopping phases of a motorcycle purchase, the final outcome is sure the be the best bike for a person’s needs, desires, and budget. After the motorcycle is purchased, all that remains to do is make sure it is covered by insurance, become well-acquainted with motorcycle safety, and go for a ride!


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