What is a 3D Lamp? (Advantages & Disadvantages)

3D Lamp

As we all know LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lights brought a thriving change in the world of lights, with this invention many switched from bulbs to LEDs. Further, as the technology kept on upgrading incandescent and fluorescent lamps were also switched. Not only have, but many innovations like 3D lamps have also been introduced.

What is a 3D illusion lamp?

3D Lamp

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It is a combination of art and technology combined to form an optical illusion that plays tricks on your eyes. One can refer to it as the best invention for displaying in the bedroom, office, living room, etc. at night or else you can use it anyway as there is a large variety of such lamps.

3D lamp lights are a truly beneficial innovation for every homeowner as they provide an impressive range. Further, these innovations are so reliable to be used as a home décor also. So, ready to explore the advantages and disadvantages of this innovation!

Advantages of 3D lamp

3D Lamp

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  • Live-Longer – It regulates for a maximum of 50, 000 hours. Hence, you can use it for filling your room with flame, along with an interesting atmosphere. Besides, if you frequently switch on and off, there will be no negative impact on the service life of the light, while it is the only case seen in the older type of lightings.
  • Stunning-looks – It includes many ranges, as these can be designed in any geometric shape, isn’t it incredible! There is no limit to the array of design, it can be found in your favorite cartoon heroes and movie characters too – at any store near you, and you can find any of your choices. Somehow you don’t get the one you were looking for, simply tell the shopkeeper to make a customized product for you.
  • Likeability – They are such an attractive piece that you can give this to your friend, becoming an amazing night light option for your children and just the perfect present for your co-worker, or the familiar ones. Everyone loves to get something unusual and extraordinary, and it meets all these criteria.
  • Eco-friendly – As per the less power consumption of this gadget less electricity gets consumed which means it reduces overall carbon footprint. Also, it has a longer life thus solid waste generated due to them is minimum, and no harmful chemicals are used. The only chemical used is phosphorus too with the aspect of achieving different light shades.
A disadvantage of 3D Lamp

3D Lamp

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Bluish white pollution – As per the study, it has been noted that many health effects may arise because of the emitting of bluish-white color from the LED lamp, while in the case of incandescent and tungsten lamp it emits white color which then turns into yellow because of the temperature rise. Some of the effects because of the bluish-white color include eyestrains and circadian rhythm which may lead to concerns like headache and stress.

Expensive – Though, it is eco-friendly and uses less power consumption, but its buying price is much higher than a normal incandescent. It costs a lot of price per lumens accordingly that increases its initial cost. Besides, it has been said that one can purchase 5 normal bulbs instead of 1 LED bulb, and that’s a huge difference that drags its advantages back.

Limited area – We all are aware of it that LED is the point source emitter, due to which it cannot cover up a large area with its flame. While fluorescent bulbs have the capability of diverging lights in the maximum area i.e. greater than LED.

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