Do I Have a Case? Advice From SSI Lawyers in RI

When disputes occur, it’s not uncommon for the involved parties to take legal action. Disputes like car accidents, injuries, financial problems, and family-related issues can typically be resolved through communication and compromise. But sometimes, disputes are more complex and involve legal action. Civil lawsuits result in financial compensation, but they may not solve the underlying issue. It’s important to note that winning compensation also means paying lawsuit filing fees, attorney fees, and a lot of time.
Do you need a lawyer?


When considering a civil lawsuit, you’ll need to consult with an experienced lawsuit lawyer. During an initial consultation, a lawyer with civil court trial experience can determine if you have a viable case and can file a lawsuit. It’s a good idea to work with a lawyer whose practice area is relevant to your case. A lawyer can take care of all the required legal services for a civil trial. These legal services include legal research, drafting documents, and providing representation in court.

You can file a personal injury claim yourself; however, if you hope to earn the maximum amount of compensation, it’s best to hire an experienced attorney. Forming, filing, and defending an injury claim can be complex and too much to bear on your own. An attorney can navigate the entire process for you and ensure you receive the fair compensation you deserve. The Social Security disability attorneys at MN Law have years of experience providing clients expert legal representation and resolving complex issues regarding Social Security disability benefits. The disability lawyers work with your doctors to collect and evaluate medical records and medical evidence of your disability. They complete the application or appeal process, review your case to see if an expedited decision is possible, and represent you at the hearing.

The SSI lawyers in RI specialize in several practice areas, including car, boat, truck, bike, and motorcycle accidents, Social Security disability, serious injury, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, personal injury, product liability, and wrongful death. Your attorney-client relationship begins during a free consultation, where a disability lawyer will review your individual case and determine the best legal services to win you the maximum amount of compensation.

Do you have a viable lawsuit?

imgThe best way to determine if you have a viable lawsuit is to seek legal advice. Before you seek legal representation, you need to ensure you can demonstrate that you have suffered an injury, whether it’s physical or financial. A claimant can also have an emotional injury; however, that’s more difficult to prove. The person being sued must be the cause of the injury. A claimant must be able to prove they can recover monetary damages for their injuries to raise a lawsuit.

There is a timeline to file a lawsuit.

imgIt’s important to understand that the sooner you file a lawsuit, the better. There is a timeline to file a lawsuit, known as the statute of limitations. Each state has a statute of limitations, and your timeframe for filing a lawsuit varies depending on the type of claim. Once you determine the statute of limitations for your individual case, you need to determine when the time begins. The clock starts ticking on the “date of harm,” which is the date when you sustained an injury or property damage or a contract or agreement was violated.

No two cases go on for the same length of time. How long it will take to go through a lawsuit depends on the number of issues within the case, the type and complexity of the laws related to the case, and whether the trial is in state or federal court. On average, civil lawsuits settle in an average of one to two years.

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