How to Become a Great Wedding DJ

Become a Great Wedding DJ

Do you want to bring the party to weddings? Do you want to get people’s hands waving in the air like they just don’t care? You’ve come to the right place. 

This article discusses how to become a great DJ. Becoming the best wedding DJ doesn’t have to be a complex process. However, you do need to commit to principles that will help along your journey. Continue reading to learn all there is to know about becoming an effective wedding DJ.  

Prepare Your New Business

Great things start with concrete visions. Becoming a great wedding DJ is no exception. Before you think about MCing weddings, you need to plan out your vision for your business. 

Solo or Team Member?

Become a Great Wedding DJ


Do you want to start out learning underneath other experienced DJs or do you want to branch out on your own?

In many cases, it’s wisest to start as an apprentice DJ. That’s because they have access to resources and clientele that can aid your uprising in the industry. It’s challenging to start from scratch and make a name for yourself. 

Should You MC?

Most DJs- especially those who DJ weddings- are more than a DJ, they are masters of ceremony. To become an expert Wedding MC, you need to engage with the crowd the entire night, understand what the bride and groom expect from you, and learn how to feed off the crowd to decide when to slow or speed the party up. 

Part of becoming an excellent wedding DJ hinges on your ability to become an extension of the wedding coordinator. Doing so requires sound interpersonal skills and professionality. If you’re planning on only spinning and going from song to song, becoming a wedding DJ might not be for you. 

Take Classes on Audio Mixing 

Become a Great Wedding DJ


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You might have a complete knack for audio mixing and already know everything. That’s not likely, though. What’s more likely is that you’re human like the rest of us, and would benefit from taking some classes to sharpen your skills. 

Audio mixing classes aren’t difficult to find and there are many free online options. You don’t need to attend Julliard to learn how to DJ. But the more knowledge you attain, and the more skilled you become, the more you can charge for your services. 

Buy Your Gear 

The final step to prepping your DJ is purchasing audio equipment. Again, you don’t need top-of-the-line equipment when you’re just starting out. However, you need the basics. Using the correct mixing software, PA system, mixing board, and studio-grade headphones will place you above your competition if you’re skilled enough. However, it’s not always about the tools, but the person who wields those tools. 

Set Your Rates and Write a Contract

Become a Great Wedding DJ


Setting your rates depends on a few factors. Chiefly, your brand reputation and skill level determine your rates. Don’t be too concerned about your rates to start off. If you’re considering launching a foray into DJing, you should be prepared to play the starving artist for a while. 

Initially, you should be concerned with getting your name out there and building a loyal clientele that can generate organic referrals. If your DJ business doesn’t start out gangbusters, don’t fret. Most businesses take a while to grab hold. Continue to market yourself and sharpen your skills and you will build a loyal base of clients. The following tips can help you along the way. 

Tips to Remember While DJing 
Be Professional 

One of the easiest ways to boost your brand reputation is as simple as being polite to others and courteous of their views and desires. Being professional is as simple as delivering on your promises and accommodating your clients’ wedding plans. 

Be Clear About Your Client’s Expectations

Become a Great Wedding DJ


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Part of professionalism deals with communication skills. How transparent you can be during the planning process will determine how well you deliver the weddings of their dreams. 

Have a Vast Musical Knowledge

Don’t get it twisted. DJing is still about the music. The more vast your musical knowledge is, the more you can interweave different genres into your show. How well you interweave these genres depends on your knowledge of how music works. While you might not need to be versed in music theory, you should at least have a basic understanding of key signatures, tempo, and other theoretical elements that can help your mixing prowess. 

Cultivate Your Social Skills

You might already understand this aspect of DJing, but if you don’t, I’m here to reiterate it- you need to learn how to talk to people and make them happy. In most fields, interpersonal skills are paramount. That’s especially true as a wedding DJ. 

Become a Great Wedding DJ


No couple wants their wedding MC to be a recluse who lazily announces their first dance. They also don’t want to have to pry your views on music out of you during the consultation phase. It’s simple, if you can’t establish meaningful professional relationships as a wedding DJ, you might as well throw in the towel. 

Conclusion- How to Become a Great Wedding DJ 

Becoming a great wedding DJ isn’t as simple as waving a wand and having an established clientele. It requires persistence, focus, sacrifice, and strategy. However, there are distinct procedures to follow when trying to become a wedding DJ. Using these strategies will point you in the right direction to establish a loyal client base. 

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