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The best female fitness model Instagram handles have two things in common, one that they don’t get intl fads, and the other is that all of them are badass.

Whether it’s approaching back to their wellness more grounded after injury, labor or another seismic life occasion, escaping their usual ranges of familiarity with new difficulties and responsibilities, contradicting diet-culture and body-disgracing, or simply sharing their mastery every day of the week with those that follow them, every one of these female fitness models would be heavenly augmentations to your insta-feed in 2020. Thus, what are you hanging tight for – you know the drill, look on! 

Read further to know about female fitness models.  

Top Women Fitness Models
  • Kelsey Wells

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Now, Kelsey Wells is a brand name. She is the maker of PWR, the powerlifting programs presented on Kayla Itsines’ SWEAT application, mum of one and ensured PT, Kelsey, has been imparting her excursion to qualification for quite a long time.

Kelsey’s well-being venture all started when she was attempting to live more steadily following the introduction of her child, Anderson. Yet, as her certainty and following developed, so made her points of view.

Today, Kelsey trains ladies through rec center meetings and at home exercises as well as sharing effective exercises that should be possible anyplace, by anybody. Essentially, she’s a total diamond.

  • Shona Vertue

Effervescent yoga teacher and PT Shona Vertue is a tremendous force to be reckoned with concerning her health know-how. She’s grown a gave completing her instructive and accessible approach to sharing activities, answering inquiries, yelling out about the bundle of issues in the wellbeing industry and essentially being #real.

As an ex-supreme tumblr, Vertue isn’t staying nearby for the common forms and dainty teas. Taking everything into account, it’s about consistency and viability – essentially, getting you fit for life rather than just the mid-year.

Not nearby to Australia where she as of now resides? Don’t sweat it. You can prepare from a distance with Vertue through her online ‘Vertue Method’. We have insider information that she’s starting another versatility program this month.

  • Joslyn Thompson Rule

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All Personal trainers have one thing in common: they always want to support other individuals. However, Joslyn Thompson-Rule has taken her fitness step further. Not content with just the training clients, the model also trains women for fitness via her online classes and Women in Fitness Summit events.

You can follow the model for a BTS glance at the London workout scene, along with a snapshot of what life looks like as a Nike Global Master Trainer.

  • Melissa Alcantara

Melissa Alcantara, much of the time seen dragging Kim Kardashian through hellfire with testing circuits and merciless cardio, is a PT who invests the hard in hard energy.

Not athletic ordinarily, Melissa endeavored to work on her propensities, falling into lifting weights as an approach to staying in shape and sound. Considering celebrities like KK in 2016, Melissa is well en route to 1 million devotees – a humongous accomplishment for anybody.

  • Anna Victoria

fitness model


Anna Victoria’s sling to wellness popularity started like numerous others: an individual story of change. Notwithstanding, assuming it was an examination photograph that got her seen by the UK press, her valid substances kept us snared. Sharing simple-to-follow exercises and a significant portion of inspiration, Victoria has a prevailing fashion-free way to deal with building your best body. However, that is not all. As for eating, she has a highly legit record of her fruitfulness, inconveniences, and how she’s adjusted her wellness to attempt to work on her possibilities of getting pregnant.

  • Chontel Duncan

On the off chance that you love HIIT, Chontel Duncan may be the follower for you.

Sharing her adoration for stop-and-go aerobic exercise or Muay Thai, Chontel’s primary goal is to get individuals crushing their objectives, each exercise in turn.

Mother of two, entrepreneur, and fierce mentor on Kayla Itsines’ sweat application, Chontel isn’t safe from the horde of jobs and obligations everybody faces in their routine. Yet, her message to set aside a few minutes and focus on yourself is a welcome update as plans for the day begin to pile up and life becomes more occupied and more occupied.

  • Cassey Ho

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What might you call a record set up to blog about pilates? Blogilates!

Cassey Ho, the powerhouse behind the über well-known channel, just transferred her first pilates video to Youtube as an approach to assisting her understudies with remaining fit when they couldn’t indeed come to class. Presently, the author of POP Pilates – her reserved style class intertwining popular music and pilates – Ho has a following of 1.5 million individuals, and you could be the following!

  • Alexia Clarke

Alexia Clarke’s workout schedules put her in difficult work. The PT-cum-worldwide sensation mentors individuals from a distance, greeting them into her #QueenTeam wholeheartedly.

Conveying new exercises each and every day, Clarke has gained notoriety for intense exercises that don’t pander to pardons. Regularly posting the principal circuit of her fierce meetings to the gram, Clarke isn’t here to play. 

Final Conclusion

This was all about the best female fitness models. Let us know what you think about this article. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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