Bringing the Loved Ones Together: 4 Ideas for Celebrating a Special Occasion with Your Family

Bringing the Loved Ones Together 4 Ideas for Celebrating a Special Occasion with Your Family

From new births to graduations and anniversaries to birthdays, each family is blessed with hundreds of reasons to spend quality time together and celebrate special occasions throughout the year. Despite all these amazing occasions to gather together and celebrate a familial bond, some families have hard times getting closer. Maybe it’s because of the old conflict or distance, many families dismiss most of the occasions and therefore their family bonds can become weaker over time.

No matter what, families have to prioritize their bonds and celebrate holidays together. Have no idea how to bring loved ones together? Here are some awesome tips for celebrating a special occasion with your family and spend a truly happy time together.

1. Create tons of fun at home

Bringing Loved Ones Together - Create tons of fun at home

Obviously, one of the best ways to celebrate a special occasion with your family is by having fun at home. The main rule for this type of celebration is to gather as earlier as possible so that you could have brunch, lunch, and dinner together as well as treat your guests to unusual snacks, drinks, and surprises. When you host a celebration at home, you have a lot of responsibilities, but it’s not as scary as you might think.

Depending on the number of your family members and the time you’re going to invite your guests, plan your day to the details so that no one would want to leave your house earlier than you’d expect. Details are critically important here. First of all, start your celebration with a festive greeting. It may be poetry or a song or just a speech was written by you. If you have kids, they could make the greeting part easier.

Once everyone is hugged, kissed, and has a smile on their face, prepare a diverse brunch. It doesn’t have to contain tons of meals, though. Your brunch should be easy and include a diversity of meals, including vegetarian and vegan meals so that no one is left hungry. Check out some simple brunch recipes for inspiration.

Plan some outdoor or indoor activities depending on the weather. From board games to sports activities, ensure everyone has fun. Arrange an afternoon tea or coffee (or both) delight by serving a variety of teas with cupcakes, chocolate, or cookies. If no one in your family loves tea, you can host an afternoon coffee delight. When it comes to coffee though, don’t be afraid to splurge on the top quality coffee. Visit this useful site to choose coffee for your family celebration. Arrange a selection of delicious finger sandwiches with mini cakes, home-baked scones, and biscuits with coffee or teas.

When evening comes, throw a crazy party or have a family-friendly movie marathon while having dinner. This is a fabulous way to end your family celebration and thank everyone for coming.

2. Order a family banquet or a cosy family dinner at the restaurant

Bringing Loved Ones Together - Order a family banquet

If you have a big family and you have no time for planning, cooking, and cleaning, you can order a family banquet in a private suite or restaurant. This way, you won’t have to worry about the preparation process. All you should do is give instructions and sleep well at night. Be ready to splurge, though. If you’re on a tight budget, this idea might not be for you.

When it comes to small families, it’s better to order a cosy family dinner in one of the best restaurants in your area. This is going to be expensive as well, but it eliminates lots of tasks and responsibilities from your to-do list. Book a table at a restaurant well in advance so that you could get a discount and mention the restaurant’s address in your invitations.

If it’s warm outside, you can order brunch on the riverside terrace or any other incredibly beautiful and peaceful locations. Check out all the options before making your final choice. You can find a location and bring your own food if you’re short on cash.

3. Arrange a family trip

Bringing Loved Ones Together - Arrange a family trip

That’s probably the most challenging idea on the list, yet it’s worth the candle. Family trips are a bit stressful, especially if there are many children, but if you organize everything and everyone, you’ll end up creating memories together that all of you will remember for many years to come. Whether it’s a car trip to the city next to yours or a trip to another country or continent, this is an excellent way to celebrate a truly special occasion as a family.

When planning such a trip though, it shouldn’t be a surprise. Call each family member and let them know about your ideas and travel suggestions. Or, you can gather together for lunch and plan your trip. If you want to fly abroad, find out which documents each of you should prepare and ensure all the documents are up to date.

4. Create a time capsule

Bringing Loved Ones Together - Create a time capsule

We all enjoy seeing our memories Facebook provides us with each day, but anything that is kept online could disappear one day, so why not create memories in the boxes that you can keep safely at home? Ask your family members to bring something special to them – be it a picture, an old card, or childhood drawings – and decorate some mid-sized or small box for your memories. Now imagine all of you checking this time capsule box in 5, 10, 20, or more years. Since you’d hand-picked those memories as a family, it’d be a great occasion to gather together and enjoy those memories.

We live in a busy world where families have no time to even have dinner with kids together. Regardless of the reason, try to bring your family members together and improve your relationship with them. If your family isn’t friendly, you can still try to arrange a special celebration for them. Who knows, maybe it’s a fabulous way to let go of any resentment and become a friendly and happy family again.

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