5 Tips For Beginner Jet Ski Riders

Tips For Beginner Jet Ski Riders

Jet skiing for the first time as a beginner can be quite intimidating initially. Although jet skiing is great to have fun and an adrenaline rush, it’s important to take all precautionary measures. 

It can take a while to get the hang of it all, but there are a few tips you can follow to get started safely. If you are a first-time jet ski rider, you are in for a treat!  You can select from some of the best jest ski rentals iun dubai and enjoy the magnificent ride of the jet skis. Given below are some basic tips for beginner jet ski riders to help them get started. 

Prioritize your safety

Tips For Beginner Jet Ski Riders

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First and foremost, there is nothing that precedes safety. So, before you ride off into the water, make sure that you have taken all precautions for safety. This includes a number of do’s and doesn’t. Make sure to always wear a life jacket to prevent any mishappenings. You must have some of the necessary accessories with you while traveling. 

Other than this, keep the engine shut off and click permanently attached to your waist. This helps in cutting the engine just in case one loses the balance and sips into the water body. It is important to always be aware of the surroundings and check the weather and sea forecast beforehand. And it goes without saying, but never go jet ski while you are under the influence of alcohol. 

Drive straight 

Tips For Beginner Jet Ski Riders

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A majority of beginner jet ski riders often have trouble keeping their jet ski straight and driving in a linear pattern. But it’s a good thing that although it is a common issue, it’s quite simple to correct. 

Most beginner riders are always staring at the handle, their jet ski, or the water body that is close to them. But the trick is to lift the chin, holding the head straight and looking far off into the distant sky or water.

In case one continues to struggle, one should simply find any stationary object in the distance to focus on like a pole or a boat. Focusing straight into the distant environment will help one ride straight and enjoy the trip without faltering. 

Understand Jet Skis and be prepared

Tips For Beginner Jet Ski Riders

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It’s important to make all the preparations beforehand instead of leaving it to the last moment. Always make sure that you have sufficient fuel for the day, not just barely enough for a ride. 

One must also prepare a dry bag consisting of the right documentation, licenses, boaters ID, phone, and even some spare cash for gas. Now before you set off, it’s important to understand jet skis in general and your model specs as well. 

The level of control varies on the design, brand, and building of the jet ski. One needs to understand the basics of their model to know where the throttle is located in case of an emergency shut-off. One needs to familiarize themselves with details like braking system, watercraft kind and so on. 

Start slow before riding waves

Tips For Beginner Jet Ski Riders

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Before you jump off to riding waves, start slow and get enough practice skiing in easy and smooth areas. Waves easily have the ability to lift and toss one’s ski out of the water if one decides to jump waves. 

Hence, it’s important to brace yourself for impact and lift yourself a little to help with the wave hits. It’s suggested not to ski near big boats initially. Even a small boat of 24 feet can make big waves. 

These waves may seem smaller initially but they get bigger once the watercraft gets closer to them. In case of unavoidable waves, make sure to face them head-on instead of from the sides.

Try a boaters safety course

Tips For Beginner Jet Ski Riders

source: seathecity.com

There are certain states that don’t require a prerequisite boaters safety course but some do. Regardless of the policies, one must consider taking a beginners course and boaters safety course as an extra precautionary measure. 

When we take tests before getting our driving license, why not do the same for something even riskier? One can learn a lot through taking these tests, and the theoretical knowledge can come in handy during the practical application. 

There are so many online tests and courses as well for cheap that one can take online to wholly prepare oneself. You can select from some of the best jest ski rentals and enjoy the magnificent ride of the jet skis. 


These are just a few tips that can help you start with jet skiing if you are a beginner. Besides these tips, there are a million other things that you will learn once you start jet skiing on a regular basis. 

After all, practice indeed makes a jet ski rider perfect! For more such tips and tricks, stay tuned and keep coming back!

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