What Should You Check Before Choosing Custom Printed Marquees


Marquees are an excellent method to display your product or brand at events, promotions, or anywhere else. A marquee will shelter you from the weather while also catching the attention of potential buyers in a congested area.

The importance of these events can’t be overstated. Customized marquees are ideal for events since they are simple to set up and dismantle. It makes them suitable for outdoor and indoor events such as festivals and athletic events, conferences, and trade exhibits. Purchasing a marquee from a reliable source like Mountain Shade can be an amazing investment.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Printed Marquee


source: technishelter.com.au

  1. Size

Your marquee must be large enough to accommodate your intended use. For example, if your marquee is being utilized to pique client attention, it must be large enough to comfortably accommodate a sufficient number of people.

  1. Time to Set Up

Among the most important features of a branded marquee is that it should be simple to set up. On the other hand, some will take a little longer, usually due to their dimensions and the way their structure was created.

A professional marquee vendor will be capable of giving you an estimate of how long it will take to set up your marquee. If you want to utilize your marquee numerous times, this will come in handy.


source: technishelter.com.au

  1. Aesthetics

With branded marquees from brands like Mountain Shade, you have the choice of adding walls (full or partial walls) or sticking with simply the top and structure. You would like walls to shield people from the weather if you’re buying a marquee for outdoor use. It also provides branding chances from all aspects with walls (left, right, and back).

If you’re buying a tent for interior use, like an expo, you’ll probably want it open on both sides. This will encourage people to come from all directions to see your marquee.

  1. Additions

You can complement your marquee with other accessories like additional marketing displays such as a feather flag hung on the sides of the marquee or a frame sign. These extra advertising displays can make your business stick out from the competition.

Tips for Buying a Marquee


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Metal thickness and structure strength – A thicker frame or stronger struts will keep the columns from breaking or splitting under strain. For further strength, look for highly robust twin rib reinforced struts.

Metal – Steel is used to make a lot of gazebos and marquees on the market. When left in the rain, these would rust, which not only looks unpleasant and also lowers the frame, rendering it nearly useless. The extra-strong aluminum will not rust, so a little rain won’t hurt.

Canopy fabric — While marquee manufacturers will undoubtedly say that their cover is weatherproof, this is rarely the case. A low-cost pop-up marquee or tent is likely to be made of inferior materials, and a waterproof marquee is essential.

A brand new marquee may be purchased for less than $100 on the Internet, but you may only get a single-use out of it. When you purchase an inexpensive pop-up marquee online, you don’t want this to happen with your brand name on the line. You can find more information at liveenhanced.com.

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