5 Cool Band Saw Uses You Need to Know

Band Saw Uses

There are so many band saw uses, and as such, this tool qualifies as one of the top-rated tools that you can own today. In this post, I will give you some of the best uses of a band saw. These uses run from the normal ones to some of the rarely mentioned options.

The Most Common Band Saw Uses

If you are using your band saw with the best skill and knowledge, it will easily turn into one of the most versatile tools that you can ever have. Even so, it would be best if you used the tool according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

In doing so, you can easily portray your top-notch creativity using the work pieces that you are involved in. So, what are the best band saw uses that you could focus on? Here are the most common options to go with.

Woodworking Tool

Band Saw Uses

source: wikimedia.org

A band saw is incredibly ideal for the woodworking sector. The tool offers some of the best cuts in the woodworking industry and, in so doing, ensures that you enjoy the most unique woodworking designs yet.

One of the things that you can use your table top band saw for when it comes to wood working is resawing the wood.

What does resawing mean? To resaw any wood or board means that you will be able to easily cut a longer piece of wood to two pieces along its width. When this is done, the wooden piece is opened into two equal parts, just like a book.

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In addition to that, while most boards will come with rough edges and faces when they leave the mill. By resawing, you can easily reset the main edge and the face of these boards using your band saw.

There are also several cuts that you can easily perform with a band saw apart from just resawing. These cuts include:

  • Miter cut
  • Straight cuts
  • Crosscuts

As such, whether you pick a benchtop, cheap bandsaw or an industrial band saw, you can still give your wooden workpieces some of the best designs.

Lumber Ripping Tool

Band Saw Uses

source: wikimedia.org

The next best thing that you can use your band saw for is as a lumber ripping tool. If you ever faced any problem with a large lumber that you want to cut into the desired size, then a band saw can play a key role.

Often, one of the most challenging jobs that you will encounter with lumber is to rip large lumbers to different shapes and sizes. However, if you have a band saw, you can easily make the cut in no time.

A table band saw will offer you one of the best ripping ability. In addition to that, the spacious tables that most band saw models come with also allow you to arrange your multiple rip pieces into exact sizes easily.

This is the more reason that band saws can also be used to cut small logs into the right shapes and pieces that you may desire.

Metal Cutting Tool

Band Saw Uses

source: wikimedia.org

Another one of the many band saw uses that you would encounter is a metal cutting tool. While many people usually think that a band saw can only be used for woodwork, it is never the case.

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More often than not, band saws will be used to shape and cut some metals into the most desirable designs and sizes. For this purpose, you will require a specific band saw blade that’s designed for cutting through metals with high-end precision.

In normal cases, therefore, you will require two different band saws blades to cut through wood and also metal. However, when choosing the most appropriate blade, you can easily use your band saw.

In addition to what we have highlighted above, you can also use your band saw to make cuts into the plastic. A good tool for that is if you pick a benchtop band saw to do the job for you. Here are some of the ways that a band saw can be used on metal works.

  • Cutting planks
  • Cutting tubes
  • Cutting thin metallic sheets
  • Making a Veneer
Making Veneer

Band Saw Uses

source: insider.com

Sometimes, if you have thick veneers, you might notice a misfit on your woodworking designs too. In such rare cases, you will require thin pieces of new veneer designs to get the best results from your work.

So how do you get this done? If you have a band saw, it becomes much more comfortable and very easy too. You will easily slice the other thick veneer into many small pieces using your band saw blade.

Once these thin veneers have been found, you can then use them for your intended purposes, such as in making the best drawer fronts or curved doors. This means that at the end of it all, you will get an exceptional result.

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Meat Cutting Tool

Band Saw Uses

source: robertsconsolidated.com

Finally, meat cutting is also among the many band saw uses. Butchers use a specific type of band saw to process meat. This band saw is used to trim meat into specific sizes and shapes too. It is also used to cut large meat sizes into smaller sizes.

As such, band saws can also be used to cut through meat with very minimal wastage and, in so doing, save energy.

NOTE: Using a band saw requires you to learn and understand your band saw well. This way, you will enjoy the most out of your band saw. In addition to that, you must also practice proper care to maintain a high-end efficiency.


Now that we have seen the most common band saw uses, the choice of how to use your band saw lies with you. You can easily use it for tons of work, including lumbering wood into different sizes and shapes.

This is the reason why many experts have opted to hold this wood working tool so dearly. Start with the simples cuts and improve your cuts with time at Live Enhanced.

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