Make Your Home Office Do More with Custom Built Cabinetry!

Make Your Home Office Do More with Custom Built Cabinetry!

As employers are increasingly seeing the benefits of employees working from home on their profit margins, many employees are now spending most or even all of their days working from the comfort of their home. While this may seem like a dream come true, it can just as easily turn into a nightmare, if you don’t have the right workspace available. Homes that have limited square footage, often need creative solutions to provide a designated workspace; while other homes may have a designated office but need a solution that can accommodate working beside a spouse or roommate, further complicating matters. No matter what your situation is, having the right office is important to your productivity and peace of mind. Allow your home office to perfectly serve you and do so much more than you ever dreamed of with custom designed and built office cabinetry.

Design With You in Mind

One of the most notable advantages of choosing custom built cabinetry and office features is the flexibility it gives you to create just the right thing. If you currently have a designated room that you are using as an office, begin by considering what isn’t working and what features you would like to add.

Maybe you are living in a home that has far too little space and you are anxious about where to fit an office. If this sounds familiar, you can rest assured with a custom office design, you can create a special layout and install multipurpose furniture so the space can practically function in two coinciding or even completely different ways. Create a his and her office space that functions perfectly for you and your spouse or create an office that easily transforms into an impromptu guest room, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

If you simply cannot give up a whole room as a designated office space, consider adding in a built-in desk area in your living room that flows seamlessly into its present design. A built-in solution within another space is a much better solution that trying to juggle work, family, and dinner all at the kitchen table.

The bottom line is, you are in control when you use custom built cabinets/furniture to create the offices of your dreams!
The Cabinetry Process

As was aforementioned, when you choose custom built cabinetry, you get exactly what you want, not only because cabinets are built by a craftsman, instead of a factory, but also because they’re made specifically for you. The process begins with the cabinet company taking measurements of every inch of your existing space and then working those measurements into any additional specifications you’d like to include, so they can be incorporated into the designs. Once your perfect cabinet layout is created, you will receive detailed drawings showing how everything fits together. Then, once construction begins, a reputable cabinetry company will keep you updated throughout the entire process. With custom cabinetry you take the power back into your hands to create the ideal space to afford you peak style and functionality!

Custom Home Office Space
Why Choose a Custom Office Space Instead of Simply Ordering Furniture and Stock Cabinets?

When shopping around for furniture, there’s no question that buying new items from big box stores such as IKEA, Target, etc., is cheaper than purchasing them through a specialty store. Consider that while these standard options may fill your office space, will they really function in the way you need them to? If you merely choose cheap furniture and stock cabinets, you will get what you pay for, leaving you high and dry and far from maximizing every inch of space to its fullest potential. So why should you go with a custom-built office over ordering stock pieces off the shelf? Here are some reasons:

  • You’ll have more flexibility – As mentioned above, if you order stock furniture it won’t necessarily look great in your current space. It might end up being just right, but chances are it won’t match your vision. On top of that, you could spend months looking for something you think will be the perfect thing just to find out it doesn’t quite meet your needs. Conversely, sometimes you may find a piece that looks amazing on paper, and you take a chance by ordering online. Unfortunately, you may find that after it arrives and you see it in person, it doesn’t match your style at all. In either scenario, you’ve wasted time and money. By choosing custom built cabinetry, however, you know exactly what you’re getting, and you don’t have to worry about whether or not it matches your vision.
  • You could save money – It is common for people to simply settle for a piece of furniture that seems functional enough for the space, yet within a few short months they hate it so much that they end up replacing the item. When this happens, you are simply throwing money away or you are stuck merely settling for furniture that offers less than what you want and need. When you choose custom a custom office, you design exactly what features, sizes, and colors, you want for your desk and storage, so you make a onetime investment that lasts for decades to come. While the initial investment may seem steep, it will more than pay for itself in longevity and practicality.
  • You Can Make the Best Use of Your Space- There are many different ways to use an office space depending on who uses it and what its purposes are. For example, if you are the only one using an office space, then having a large open area would probably be best since it is unnecessary to share the space with anyone else. However, if you share the room with others then a smaller workspace with ample separation would be better as to avoid bumping into someone else and rendering your workspace unproductive. Regardless of which option you decide upon, when you build using your own custom office design, you ensure that all areas of your office are used efficiently and effectively.
Custom Office Space

Moreover, custom cabinetry allows you to build furniture and storage to fit the design of the room you wish to utilize. With stock cabinets and store-bought furniture, you won’t necessarily be able to accommodate that uniquely shaped area of your office, allowing useable space to be rendered useless. When you choose custom cabinetry, every square inch can be maximized, so even if your space is limited it can be used to its full potential!

So, what are you waiting for! Consider if a custom office space could be the perfect upgrade for your home!

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