How to Step Up Your Jacket Game, Different Jacket Styles for Men?

jacket for men

A jacket is one of those few wearables that help a person bring out their personality. ‘Jackets’, as the word may seem quite simple, but they come in a huge variety of styles, types, and designs that can enhance the style of your ootd(outfit of the day).

Since this apparel is one that lasts for long, it is imperative that you buy only the best quality. Urban Monkey is the most trusted website to buy jackets online that are high quality and fashionable.

Out of the many types of jackets for men, we bring you the most trendy ones. We will also explore these styles to help you find the right jacket for you. Here are some elegant and exclusive jackets for men that every man should have in their wardrobe.

Bomber Jacket

jacket for men


Bomber jackets are also known as flight jackets. It has a zippered front with an elastic waist and cuffs. It became trendy in the United States Air Force as it was a part of the official attire for the flight members of the air force. While bomber jackets have aged as a style statement, they have aged like wine, and continue to be one of the most preferred jackets for men.

Biker Jacket

If you are a biking enthusiast, a biker jacket will be the best suited to match your interest to aesthetics. Even if you are not a biker but have a rebellious and modern personality, biker jackets will fit your personality like a glove. These sturdy short leather jackets unleash the fashionista in you.

Denim Jackets

jacket for men


Some clothes never go out of style, and the denim jacket is one of them. We are sure that almost everyone reading this must have or have had a denim jacket at some point in life. But, while nostalgia is evergreen, Urban Monkey brings you denim jackets with newer styles, which are like a breath of fresh air. In short, we bring to you denim jackets which are a perfect mix of style and fashion.

Truck Jacket

You do not have to own a truck or be a truck driver to wear one of these bad boys. These jackets have buttoned fronts with double-breasted pockets.

The size is short with proper fittings and is usually made with denim fabric.

And again, there are variations in truck jackets to fulfil your every fashion whim. It comes in different colours, modern designs, and sophisticated styles.

Track Jacket

jacket for men


It is best to choose track jackets if wearing something comfortable and light in weight is your priority. These jackets that you wear while running, playing, jogging, or going for a morning stroll. It is a perfect companion for those who are enthusiastic about athletics.

Hip Hop Jacket

If you are a fan of hip hop, it is a notable characteristic of your personality. Hip hop jackets are the best way to add oomph to your personality. Hip hop has revolutionised the entire fashion culture of the world, especially jackets.

Rapper Jacket

Hip hop jackets and rapper jackets are somewhat similar, with a tiny difference between them. It conveys the rapper in you more than a hip-hop star. You can find a jacket with a print of your favourite rapper or the print of the lyrics of a popular rap song. Wearing rapper jackets is one way to show your love for hardcore rap music.

Hooded Jacket

jacket for men


A hooded jacket is somewhat mixed between the rapper and the hip-hop style. Also, who does not want to have a hoodie to save you from the chilly winds in winter.

Though hoodies have the virtue of covering your head in rain and colds, it is a straightforward style statement. Hoodies, like denim jackets, can never go out of fashion.

The Curtain Call

Whether it is jackets for women or men, it makes a person look elegant and adds to their style. Jackets are one of the finest dresses to wear if you want to personify your personality to others. With Urban Monkey, it is assured that you will get exquisite, trendy, and quality jackets every time. If you think fashionable jackets, think Urban Monkey!

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