7 Effective & Cheap Ways to Heat Your Home This Winter

Heat your home

There are many cheap ways to heat a home; our top 7 tried and tested methods are listed below! 

Winter is upon us, and the temperatures are already dropping to terrifyingly low levels. While it might be tempting to crank up the heating to cozy up your home, doing so will drive your heating costs through the roof. 

So, what can you do to stay warm in winter without breaking the bank? We’ve got you covered. 

Here are 7 cheap ways to heat your home:

Weatherize Your Home

Heat your home

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The first step when it comes to weatherizing your home is to add insulation to the walls, attic, windows, and doors. Insulation helps keep the heat inside and cold outside your home during the winter. Since less heat escapes your house, you don’t have to run your heating system over time to make your home cozy. 

While insulation is crucial everywhere in your home, it’s particularly important in the walls and attic. The reason is that of all the heat lost from your home, about 35% is through the walls, whereas 25% is lost through the attic or roof

Weatherstripping your doors, windows, and attic access points can help ensure that no cold air gets into your home. You can check for cracks around door frames and place draft stoppers under doors to seal up your home even more efficiently.

In addition, find air leaks around your home and use caulking to fill them up. Inspecting your ductwork is equally important since ducts are responsible for transferring heat to your home, and any leaks would disrupt the efficiency of your heating equipment.  

Let The Sunshine In

Heat your home

source: sustainableman.org

Sunlight is an infinite and free source of heat and energy, so why not utilize it to your benefit?! Keep your curtains open during the day to allow an ample amount of sunlight to flow into your home. Not only will this keep your home cozy while saving on heating costs, but it will also lower your electricity bills because you won’t need to have interior lights on during the day. 

To reap even more benefits from this renewable energy source, you can install a rooftop set-up for heating water. This set-up consists of tubes encased in a black box covered with glass or plastic. Sunlight enters through the glass covering and heats the water in the pipes – completely free of cost! 

Additionally, sunlight in the winters can help with SAD or seasonal affective disorder. So, not only is sunlight one of the best cheap ways to heat a home in winter, but it’s also a great mood booster. 

Automate Your Heating

Smart thermostats and smart AC controllers are all the rage this season, and for a good reason. While traditional thermostats need you to alter the settings manually, you can schedule these smart home devices to turn your heat pump on or off at specific times. 

These devices come with many cool features like letting you set weekly schedules of your home heating and cooling needs, using geofencing to turn on your heating when you’re close to home, and letting you control your home climate from anywhere in the world. All the while cutting back your energy bills, sometimes by up to 25%. A win-win situation and one of the most effective cheap ways to heat your home.

Use Your Fireplace

Heat your home

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Using a traditional fireplace is perhaps voguish of all the cheap ways to heat a home. Not only do you save money that you would spend on heating, but you also get a nice ambiance for your home. Nothing screams winter like sipping a cup of simmering hot chocolate next to a crackling fireplace! 

Modern fireplaces can be gas or electric-powered, which makes them more energy-efficient. In addition, these fireplaces can be linked to your home thermostat, making them easier to control. The biggest downside with modern electric or gas fireplaces is that you don’t get the full fireplace experience. Gas fireplaces come with realistic ceramic logs but don’t produce the aroma of burning wood. Electric fireplaces don’t have a fire but are cheaper to install and run than their counterparts.

For the full effect, we recommend sticking to traditional fireplaces. But, of course, this option is only viable if you have access to sufficient firewood. So, before you call in a professional to build you a fireplace, do your research to ensure that this is a feasible solution for you. 

Put the Kitchen Heat to Use

During the cold holiday season, a lot is happening in the kitchen. As you cook scrumptious meals, there’s lots of heat generated that you can help heat your home. For instance, leave the lids open to let the steam out in the air or opt to boil water on the stove instead of using your microwave. Whenever you use the oven, keep it often afterward to let all of the heat escape into your home, bringing the temperature down. As a result, you’d be running your heat pump less frequently. 

Consider Installing Solar Panels

Heat your home

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Typical heating systems run on fuel or electricity, which can cost money. On the other hand, solar energy is free of cost, making it an excellent option for anyone looking for cheap ways to heat a home. Like insulation, installing solar panels and a battery will be a hefty investment at first. However, since they help you save plenty in energy bills over the years, it’s an investment worth making. 

Not only do solar panels cut back your energy bills, but they also help reduce your carbon footprint since sunlight is a renewable and green energy source. Additionally, you might be eligible for solar rebates and incentives that some states and places offer as a reward for using green energy.   

Bundle Up

The most surefire way to save on heating costs is by never having to run the heater! Although that might sound crazy, it would barely make a difference to a person bundled up in warm layers. If turning your heating system off is too brazen, you can instead opt to keep the thermostat at a toasty 60 degrees to get the best of both worlds. 

Warm clothes like fleece onesies, ski socks, lined hoodies, heated jackets with battery packs, high-tech base layers, warm tights, and other such garments are made to stop heat from escaping your body. Layering up might take some getting used to, but once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you’ll barely notice the extra layers.

Final Thoughts

source: bestlifeonline.com

When looking up cheap ways to heat a home in the winter, you’ll find many different tips and tricks. And while all of them are worth a shot, the most effective ways are to insulate your home, get solar panels installed, weatherstripping, use the sun’s heat, and layer up. You can also switch to using an old-school fireplace and utilize kitchen heat to cut back on heating costs. 

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