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When we considered the American pop rock band, Jonas Brothers is the big name in this industry. Their band has established in the year 2005. With the help of Disney Channel Television, they acquire their popularity. The band is consists of three Jonas brothers namely Paul Kevin Jonas, Nicholas Jerry Jonas, and Joseph Adam Jonas. The Jonas Brothers names are very popular in America. Three brothers shifted in Little Falls, New Jersey in the year 2005. The brothers are engaging to write the song at Little Falls and the song was released by Hollywood. After that, they were found in Camp Rock and its sequel which was the original movie of Disney Channel in the year 2008. Camp Rock 2, The Final Jam were the other movie where they were found. Moreover, they have their own band in Disney channel namely Jonas. After that, the band was renamed as Jonas L.A.

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Family Background and the beginning of their career:

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They belong from strong values of Christian values. They are famous for their songs and are enhanced in a musical family. Their father belongs from the assembly of a God Minister. The family of them always encourage towards the music. At the age of six, Nicks has sung the songs at New Jersey. Nicks first released his solo album in the year 2004. The hobbies of the three brothers can reunite and form the band. Nick and Kevin are attached and play the guitar with the keyboard and the leading vocal chores are Joe and Nicks. It’s About Time was the first album of them which was written by pop star Adam Schlesinger and Desmond Child.

Moreover, their father is a songwriter and also a musician. The Jonas family is fond of music. Their mother is a former teacher of sign language.

Career History:

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They won the prestigious 51st Grammy Awards in the year 2008 as the best new artist award. Always the brothers won as the breakthrough artist in the American Music Awards. The Jonas brothers albums were so popular as eight million albums were sold all over the world before the release of vines, lines and trying times in the year of 2009. In the year 2010 and 2011, they are engaged in some solo projects and then they gathered for the new album in the year 2012. This project was canceled in the year 2013 for the reason of their break up. Apart from that, a huge amount of albums they sold throughout the world. After the band breaks up, they were involved in solo projects. In the year 2015 DNCE was formed by Joe. After 2015 the dance rock band released some albums and it was the biggest hit with the great response of the listener. Besides this, Nick released some albums like Last Year Was Complicated in the year 2016 and was continued by himself. Where Kevin was attached with numerous business projects. Again the three brothers come together and reunite for the release of Sucker in the year 2019. This song was famous as a 34th song in the history which indicates as a debut on the Billboard Hot 100. It is considered as the first number of Jonas brother which was one single on the chart.

Band Members:

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The three brothers Nick, Joe, Kevin play Pianos, Guitars, Mandolin respectively. Besides those, the Jonas brothers members are Jack Lawless, John Lloyd Taylor, Greg Garbowsky, Alexander Noyes. Jack Lawless was attached with drummer, Taylor was the lead guitarists, Greg was the bass guitarists and Noyes played the drum. They attached with the band from 2005 to 2013.

Their upcoming songs and album: The Jonas brothers new songs is Sucker. The name of its album is Happiness Begins and release in this year.

Marital Status:

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Always the three brothers create their own news regarding their personal life. The well-known actress of Bollywood Priyanka Chopra is the spouse of Nick Jonas in the year 2018. Whereas British actress Sophie Turner is the spouse of Joe.

So the Jonas brothers are the famous name in America. Their career mainly associated with pop, rock, pop punk, power pop, etc. In spite of their successful career, they always try and brush up their skills for entertaining the spectators.

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