Interior Design: Exciting Ideas to Revamp Your Walls

Exciting Ideas to Revamp Your Walls

Homeowners should shift their focus from improving curb appeal, and other major remodels to their interiors. While most homes have excellent roofs, bright exterior walls and sidings, well-manicured lawns, and breathtaking outdoor living spaces, their interiors are stale and uninspiring. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t think of anything beyond a fresh coat of paint when revamping their interiors. Decorating your interior walls is an easier way of giving your home a fresh look. Regardless of your goals, below are a few ideas for revamping your walls.

Tile and Tile Mosaics

Exciting Ideas to Revamp Your Walls


Tiles were initially reserved for bathrooms and kitchens. However, with some change in mindset, homeowners currently use acoustic tiles and panels in their bedrooms and living spaces. Besides being strong, affordable, and durable, tiles can make your home appear elegant and classy. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

You can choose from plenty of options, with different designs and colors to complement your interior design theme and style. The diverse options make it challenging for homeowners to pick the right wall tiles. Besides, some tiles are best suited for specific areas. Below is a general guide on tile selection for common areas:

  • Wall tiles ideas for the living room – Living rooms also contribute to your guests’ first impression. You should consider natural stones or ceramic tiles for a classy living room finish. Textures and designer marble tiles are best for spacious living rooms.

  • Wall tiles for kitchen walls – Kitchen walls easily get stained by the backlash, requiring frequent cleanups. You should consider easy-to-clean ceramic tiles for your kitchen. Ceramic tiles are also available in multiple design and color options. You can choose geometric or floral patterns. Regardless of your preference, ensure your kitchen tiles are water and scratch resistant.

  • Tile ideas for accent walls – Using tiles for your accent walls significantly transform your entire space. For this, choose from various tile options that highlight your accent walls. You can also consider 3D tiles.

Remember to coordinate your interior wall tiles with floor tiles or other flooring options of your choice.


Exciting Ideas to Revamp Your Walls


Wallpaper initially fell out of fashion, but the introduction of better materials and manufacturing techniques has eliminated most initial wallpaper problems, such as swelling. Homeowners can now have peace of mind, knowing that their wallpapers can last for years. However, like tiles and other wall design options, choosing the best wallpaper for your interior walls can prove daunting. Below are a few tips for choosing wallpapers:

  • Wallpaper styles – Choose wallpaper that complements other interior décor styles in your home. You can opt for formal, casual, rustic, modern, or glam wallpaper styles.

  • Wallpaper color – Your wallpaper color should match other indoor items, such as furniture, window treatment, and flooring.

  • Wallpaper pattern – While you can use plain wallpapers, you should consider using different patterns. The key to effectively executing this is choosing the right pattern size and colors. Consider plain wallpaper if you have a heavily patterned interior décor.
Paint Murals

Exciting Ideas to Revamp Your Walls


Wall murals are another easy and fun way of revamping your walls. Unlike tiles and wallpaper, there’s no limit on the type of image or ideas for your mural. You can choose to paint an eye-catching landscape, blousy florals, or wildlife. However, you should ensure that your mural perfectly balances other interior décor elements.

Wall paint murals often stretch across one wall but can be used to envelop the entire room. Before choosing murals for your walls, evaluate your options carefully. For instance, choose the right color that other occupants can tolerate in the house for years. If done well, murals can create an interesting focal point in your home.

Climbing Vines and Vertical Garden

Indoor plants are an excellent addition to your home for various benefits. They improve indoor air quality, smell glorious, and give your interior décor unmatched color and energy that other ideas can’t replicate. However, you shouldn’t go beyond a few potted plants.

You can use plants to decorate your interior walls in many ways. However, the easiest option is creating a vertical garden. With a vertical garden, you can layer planters on your wall in steps. You should also choose good indoor plants. The creeping vine is a favorite for many, as it covers the walls completely green.


Exciting Ideas to Revamp Your Walls


Revamping interior walls should be part of every homeowner’s regular home improvement projects. Apart from refreshing the interior, changing your interior wall makes your home inviting and possibly increases home value. Ditch conventional paints for creative ideas, such as tile mosaics, murals, wallpapers, stone features, and wall decals.

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