Pregnancy and Fake Eyelashes: Is It Safe?

Pregnancy and Fake Eyelashes

Pregnancy is an exciting time, but many women spend much of it worrying about their unborn babies. They want nothing but the best for their little ones and will do what is necessary to protect them from any harm. It can be a terrifying time as it seems that many everyday products and activities might pose a risk to an unborn baby.

Another common occurrence during pregnancy is women feeling unattractive and uncomfortable, especially as their due date approaches. They might want to do something, such as having fake eyelashes, to cheer up and give themselves a confidence boost. Is it safe to do so?

The harsh realities

Pregnancy is hard on a woman’s body, and she might feel she has lost control of it for the duration. Thousands of different processes go into conceiving a human life and sustaining it through gestation, many of them involving hormone spikes that might leave women feeling emotional and vulnerable. Trish McEvoy, Sweed, Eylure, or Lilac St. lash extensions could give them a much-needed self-confidence boost. Lilac St.’s products are hand-arranged and made from quality fibers that look authentic and are long-lasting. They come in different styles, with something to suit everyone’s taste, and are effective when used in combinations to create a unique, dramatic look.

Many women struggle with hair loss during pregnancy, or their hair loses much of its luster and shine. This comes at a difficult time when they feel down about their appearance and how big they are getting. Despite everyone telling them how wonderful they look, most pregnant women feel the complete opposite and need a pick-me-up to feel better, which might include a manicure or other beauty treatments.

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What is the harm?

The most dangerous thing about fake lashes when it comes to pregnancy is the lash glue contents. Like many adhesives, some lash glue brands contain formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is best-known for its use in the embalming of deceased bodies. However, it is an active ingredient in many beauty products. This toxic gas might be harmful to unborn babies, making moms-to-be hesitant about using products containing it.

Fake Eyelashes Pregnancy

As mentioned before, many products and activities might present risks to an unborn baby. Before proceeding, moms should ask themselves about the severity of the risk. Lash glue sits on the lash line and does not enter the eye or bloodstream. Therefore, the chances of it harming an unborn baby are minimal. Nevertheless, a pregnant woman wanting false eyelashes should find out about natural glue alternatives that contain no harmful chemicals and substances.


Many pregnant women find lying down on their backs to have false lashes applied uncomfortable. Indeed, doctors do not recommend that they spend too much time in this position. Ladies who opt to apply lashes at home can sit comfortably while doing this. Alternatively, those who have theirs professionally fitted should inform the aesthetician of their pregnancy to highlight that they cannot lie on their backs for prolonged periods.

Another challenge a pregnant woman might experience during lash application is keeping still. During the latter stages of pregnancy, the unborn baby moves around, sometimes startling its mom. The weight of the pregnancy is also uncomfortable, and women shift about trying to sit comfortably. This can make applying fake lashes a challenging process.

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Due to the discomfort a pregnant woman feels, she might not get through a lash application in one sitting. Instead, she needs regular breaks to walk around or rest. This means that the process of fitting false eyelashes will take much longer than it would for a woman that is not pregnant.


Sitting in one position too long is not necessarily harmful to an unborn baby, but it is uncomfortable for the mother-to-be. Giving herself more time to get the job done will help.

Choosing products

Pregnant women should not have challenges that pose a potential risk to their unborn child if they make wise purchasing decisions for false lashes and adhesives. Read the contents carefully to look for potentially harmful substances.

Many packages contain an advisory about whether the products are safe for use by pregnant women. These should act as a guideline for a mom-to-be who is unsure about using a false lash product. The alternative is discussing any such concerns with her doctors to get their advice.

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