8 Best Gift Hiding Spots for Christmas

gift hiding spot


The festivities are once again here, so this makes family memories, good meals, and gifts! That is the most significant part if you ask your children why shielding Christmas presents from prying young eyes is not as simple as it seems. So, where else do you hide Christmas gifts for your kids? Find a couple of these secret places and keep a mystery with your presents before Santa comes.

Eight best gift hiding ideas for Christmas.

In the suitcase

gift hiding spot

source: familyhandyman.com

In every season, luggage and backpacks make excellent storage bins, but they are perfect for storing presents. Put it to be better using this Christmas season if you have spare luggage around the building. Complete luggage is useful for storing larger objects, and delicate items can be kept in tough-case baggage.

Only please ensure you do not pack gifts that you want to use for business travel in baggage. Before Christmas vacation even begins, you may end up unveiling secrets!

With the clothes

gift hiding spot

source: familyhandyman.com

Like cleaning products, both clean and dirty laundry can quickly be overlooked by most children. In a clean trash bag, put your stockpile of presents and cover it all at the edge of the washing hamper. You should purchase a better carrier bag before the Christmas period if you look accordingly, make sure it is relatively heavy and also that you can not see through it. It will bring still more gifts in that design.

In the car

gift hiding spot

source: corvetteforum.com

Try holding any presents in your car if your children are young and limited to the back of the vehicle. Small presents can be stored in the jacket pocket, while the trunk can hold larger gifts.

In the basement

You know that your wardrobe tops selecting the top locations for your kids to browse for Christmas gifts. However, without much effort, you can turn things up: take them for a curve by picking a location that is a bit less natural. Go to the basement upstairs, the cellar downstairs, or even out to the garage.

You would want to conceal Christmas gifts in simple boxes, no care which secret place you pick, just like the ones you have in the room. Bonus points if on the side of the box, you type something misleading. “unused stuff” can do the thing.

In the storage boxes

source: thekrazycouponlady.com

During the holidays, storage units are helpful in some instances. If your children are incredibly diligent in their hunt for personal toys, or you have a long gift list and would need a lot of capacity to conceal presents, it might be the ideal option to lease a micro-storage space. What if you are curious about how to hide a significant gift? In this case, bins are suitable as well.

Misleading labels

By placing them in mislabelled packages, you will practically store presents straight at the front of the faces of your children. Find a package called “charity books,” or say “insurance papers,.” 

At the office 

gift hiding spot

source: organizedmom.net

Drop it at work if you have space in your workplace storage boxes. Some offices also have storage areas or closet spaces where presents can be hidden. 

Someone else’s house

gift hiding spot

source: realsimple.com

 Ask a neighbor or family person at home if you have a gift that can not be concealed in your home because you can not keep it at work. Only be pretty sure at least a few more days before Christmas you get your presents so that you do not take the danger of anything occurring to block your entry.


So, we have listed out the best possible gifts hiding spots for Christmas 2020. I hope it will help you out in hiding your presents safely and securely. So, you can excitingly surprise your loved ones. 

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