Golden Rule While You Leaving Your Car at the Airport.

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Traveling is meant to be enjoyable. When a person has to leave their vehicle at the airport for a long period of time, however, they may spend a good portion of their trip worrying if it is okay. Use the following tips to reduce the risk of problems arising while you are gone so you can enjoy your time away from more.

Choose a Parking Space

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While it would be nice if everyone could find long-term parking right outside their terminal, this doesn’t happen. Space is at a premium in airport parking lots and people fight to get the spots closest to the terminal. A smart move, however, would be to compare airport parking lots and find one that is covered. This ensures the car does not sustain damage regardless of storms and other weather events that may occur during your trip. In addition, if the car is parked in an area that receives a great deal of snow, there will be no need to remove snow or ice before you can move your car upon your return. This is sure to be appreciated when all you want to do is get back home.

Go Over the Vehicle

Flate Tire

When a car sits in long-term parking at the airport, things can go wrong. Consider disconnecting the battery to prevent a power drain. Nobody wants to return from a trip only to find their vehicle won’t start. In addition, be sure to check the air pressure in the tires. A slow leak that doesn’t bother the driver on a daily basis can result in a flat tire when the car sits for a long period of time. By checking the tires before you depart, you reduce the risk of this happening. Make sure any and all important papers are removed from the glovebox and don’t leave anything of value sitting out on a seat where others can see it. The car should be completely clean before it is left in the lot.

Look for a Secured Lot

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Although it may seem smart to choose an unsecured lot to save some money, drivers often find they pay more in the long run for selecting this option. Look for a lot that has security cameras and someone to call in the event a problem does arise. Some facilities now have staff members on-site to address issues right away, but a driver will pay more for this option. Countless individuals leave their vehicles in lots of this type every day and have no issues as a result of doing so. For this reason, a lot that has cameras and other security measures are enough for most drivers to feel confident in leaving their car in a long-term parking lot.

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Storage Insurance

car insurance

Consider investing in storage insurance. This type of coverage doesn’t cost as much as most people imagine and can be of great help if something does happen to the vehicle while you are gone. The policy typically pays in the event of fire, theft, or vandalism. Furthermore, some localities allow drivers to purchase insurance of this type as opposed to regular automobile insurance, as the vehicle won’t be on the road while the driver is away. This can be of great help if the driver’s policy will expire while he or she is gone. The storage insurance costs less than regular insurance because the insurer is taking on less risk in this situation.

These are only a few of the many things a driver can do to protect their vehicle. The more you know, the less likely you are to have problems. Keep this in mind and take as many precautions as you can to protect your investment without ruining your trip.


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