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If you come to study or undertake time in the Bay Area, you may want to live in San Francisco. San Francisco is where “everything happens”. This is where most activities, events, many language school options, co-workings, many Vale companies have an office in the center, the city is all scenic and beautiful. However, living in San Francisco is a reality for the few. In this post, I share a little of my experience with places tips that you can consider if you want to move to the region.

Live in San Francisco

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You have probably heard that San Francisco is today the highest renting city in the country. You need to be willing to spend a fortune or are required to look for regions with the most affordable cost, which is what I did.

Why don’t I live in San Francisco?

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I’m in love with San Francisco, really! Every time I go for a walk, I go to an event, in a class, I sigh and say, I want to live here. Even my best experience in the Bay Area was when I stayed in the Financial District. Every time I pass there, I look fondly at the place I still affectionately call “my home.”

But why don’t I live in San Francisco? Simple, the city is very expensive. The first time we came to SF we lived temporarily in a room in one of these Victorian houses that is the face of the city, beautiful! The company was responsible for rent that was around $ 3,500 – cheap at the time. Then we went to a studio, the building was old, the place tiny, but although it was smaller, we had more privacy, it was close to the center, ok for a couple. The rent was $ 1700, this is 2012. When we returned in 2014 to definitely live in SF the same studio was $ 2800, yes, this for a bedroom/bathroom and mini kitchen. The rent simply gave a clueless boost. We weren’t willing to pay all that to not even have a little room. So our options were something like this: Rent nonsense to live right in the city center, rent a little less than nonsense in an old building away from downtown in SF + an hour to get to work/school or get out of there! 


Cheap neighborhoods to live in San Francisco: Try East Bay!

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East Bay is the eastern part of the Bay, home to most people who want to escape exorbitant rent but depend on San Francisco for work. The area is huge and the subway is divided into two main lines, one giving access to Richmond where the main city is Berkeley where is the University of California and another line is Pittsburg where are the more expensive cities of Lafayette and Moraga. If you want to go there with your family, it’s better to get help from Blackhawk Movers – East Bay moving company

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But it’s true that if you live in East Bay, Bart, which is our subway, will be part of your daily life and you will spend between $ 6 to $ 11 per day for transportation, and stay for 20 to 50 minutes. by stretch to make the route East Bay – San Francisco. At first, it was tiring to get Bart, today I find it super quiet and for many people from big cities 1 hour of transport is very normal. People go to work, sit down, listen to music. Quiet!

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