Growing Up Isn’t as Bad as You Think and Here’s the Proof

Here’s the Proof 3

If your mourning for the carefree life you once had, then you’ve stumbled to the right place. Allow us to be your beacon of hope as we take you on a brief yet meaningful journey on the surprisingly fun road to growing up

You’ll have a new found appreciation for technology

Here’s the Proof 1

We often take technology for granted because it’s always been there. It’s available to us 24/7, and we pretty much do everything online these days. And now that you’re living on your own, you’re going to deal with paperwork like quotes from moving companies, house maintenance quotes, bank statements, online receipts, even scribbled notes from calls to the plumber, electrician or delivery services.

While these used to be on paper and have to be filed in boxes, technology gives you the gift of freedom from paper clutter, the dreadful document sorting, and finding the perfect filing box for all the bills, receipts, and documents that will come your way. 

You’ll find so much satisfaction in finding awesome deals

Here’s the Proof 2

And it’s more than just clothes shopping. Now that you’re living independently, you’ll also be doing your own grocery shopping and even home improvement shopping. And from time to time, you’ll be shopping around for best deals when it comes to professional home cleaning packages, meal subscriptions, moving companies, even lifestyle memberships.

Keeping these pieces of information handy will help you pick the best option you can have for your budget. So when you find something that’s reasonably priced, offers what you need, and has excellent customer feedback, consider that a treasure found.

You’ll feel most empowered in your life

Here’s the Proof 3.1

Moving to a new home and living on your own is perhaps the most challenging thing in life, but it is also the most rewarding. And as you find yourself making big decisions for yourself, you’ll find a deep feeling of empowerment knowing that you now make these choices for yourself and you get to really look into what you actually need, so that you can continuously improve your way of living.

There is something quite satisfying in ticking a box on your big things-to-do checklist, and every single box that is ticked will only make you feel more empowered and inspired to live better and better as you go through the different phases of this new life.

Sure it isn’t a walk in the park; there will be setbacks and maybe tears behind the scenes, but these growing pains are the same things that strengthen your character and your resolve to find a way and carve a path through anything that seems impossible to solve.

At the end of the day, you know you gave your best, and that empowers you in ways you never even knew were possible. 

You’ll miss home, but …

Here’s the Proof 4

You feel happy right where you are. There is a sense of contentment and a sense of winning knowing that you are where you’re supposed to be and living life the best way you possibly can. Independent living has a way of teaching us these things.

There will be days you’ll miss mom’s home-cooked meals, dad’s daily jokes, your siblings’ noise and all the annoying things that they do, but being on your own is a necessary step into adulthood, or adulting as we call it these days.

It may sound generic, but living in a house alone is the best way to get to know yourself; it’s discovering what you know, what you can do, and what you need to learn to live your life the best possible way you can. 

And as you enter this phase in your life, you’ll learn that life is equal parts hard work, failure, getting back up, losing, and winning. And though you’ve heard this before, you’d get to experience it first-hand this time.


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