4 Professional Tips To Look After Purchase a Bean Bag

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Bean bag chairs offer unbeatable versatility and variety with an ever-growing lineup of styles, sizes and materials available to choose from. They’re also made to withstand repeated use and abuse. Without proper care, though, they’ll quickly lose their luster and become more of an eyesore than an enjoyable experience.

Various types of materials require different types of care, and using the wrong cleaning techniques can ruin them. Follow these guidelines when cleaning and freshening up your bean bag chair to ensure it stays in top-notch shape for as long as possible.

1) Don’t Make It More Difficult Than It Needs to Be
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Many modern bean bag covers are machine washable. This makes cleaning them incredibly simple. All you have to do is remove them and toss them in the washing machine if they become dingy or stained. For those, placing a great deal of extra effort into cleaning would be a waste of time and energy.

Still, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions and use the right temperatures and wash cycles. Don’t put them in the dryer unless the care instructions say it’s safe to do so. If not, hang them out to dry to prevent mildew and musty smells.

2) A Damp Cloth May Do the Trick
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 Velour, velvet and plush bean bag chairs should be wiped with a damp cloth to remove dust and stains. The same guideline applies to vinyl. Soft-bristled fabric brushes can also be used for particularly difficult stains. These materials should be allowed to air dry.

Leather covers can also be cleaned and dusted with a damp cloth. If stains persist, certain types of soap and household products can be used to remove them. As much moisture as possible should be removed with a dry towel afterward to prevent cracking and discoloration.

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3) Vacuum Cleaner Attachments Give You the Upper Hand
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If they’re left unused for a while, bean bag chairs will collect dust. Removing it isn’t always as simple as the damp-cloth approach. For plush or furry bean bag chairs, standard vacuum cleaner attachments can be used to eliminate those layers of dust and restore the fabric’s fluffiness.

In some cases, the hose alone will suffice. If you decide to use the brush attachment, be sure it’s completely clean and free of dust, lint, pet hair and other particles. These types of debris can transfer from the brush to the fabric and make it look worse than it did beforehand.

4) Suede is an Exception

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Suede bean bags covers are soft, beautiful and elegant alternatives to traditional fabrics. Of course, this luxurious beauty requires a specialized care regimen. They should be gone over regularly with a brush made specifically for suede to keep the nap soft and plush. Protective sprays can also be used to help prevent stains. These are the same types of products you’d use on suede boots or jackets.

Should stains occur despite your best efforts, a number of suede-friendly cleaning measures can be taken to safely remove them without damaging the material. Keep in mind, not all stains require the same techniques. Experts recommend dry-cleaning for removable suede covers.

In Short

4 Professional Tips for Looking After a Bean Bag Properly feature image1

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Many bean bag covers are simple to care for and can be removed for thorough cleaning. Others require a bit more effort and caution. If a removable cover becomes stained beyond restoration, consider purchasing a new one to prolong the bean bag chair’s lifespan.

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