A Guide on Choosing the Right Colors for the Perfect Mood?

Guide on Choosing the Right Colors for the Perfect Mood

It is a proven fact that different colours have different levels of effects on how you feel. A green study tends to make the occupants more productive while a red kitchen is likely to make you feel hungry. Why does this happen and how to use the underlying concepts to choose the right colours for your mood? Find out how an experienced and qualified Painters Brisbane selects colours based on psychology and science.

Consider Your Personality

Guide on Choosing the Right Colors for the Perfect Mood

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When it comes to interior design, colours are among the most subjective parts. Your personality is a major factor here in the selection of the right colours to give you the right sense of feeling. 

For example, some people have a personality that favours bright and bold colours. Then there are others who have a natural penchant for neutral tones. The colour of a room has an impact on your mood at the subconscious level. In fact, the colour can also affect your energy levels and appetite. Different rooms in your home will have a colour scheme that will be closely related to your personal style. Still, you should know something about creating the right effects with colours before you get started with painting the place.

Entrances & Hallways

Guide on Choosing the Right Colors for the Perfect Mood

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Your home’s entrance and hallways welcome everyone, including your guests, your family, and you yourself. Consider the following tips when choosing the paint colour for these areas:

  • Lighter colours such as antique white or just white will make your hallways seem larger.
  • Such a light colour scheme can also create a neutral foundation from which you can up the colour scheme in other rooms as you move through your home. 
  • Only if you want to feel more energetic from the moment you enter your home, should you use a bright and vibrant colour. Examples include yellow and purple.
Playing with Brighter Colours

You should be using brighter colours only in rooms and areas where you want to spend your time more energetic. Brighter tones trigger a higher level of activity. This makes such colours perfect for areas where you want to host lively dinner parties. When it comes to the colour scheme for the room where you desire to get engaged in deep conversations with friends and family, ask your Painter for a burnt orange feature wall.

You can even try some bright colours in your bathrooms. But you cannot use the above-mentioned bright colours here. A blast of deep blues or bright greens can energise you from the moment you wake up as you start your day with a shower.

For Calming Effects

Guide on Choosing the Right Colors for the Perfect Mood

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Pastels can do wonders when it comes to painting rooms where there is a need for calming and soothing effects. Choose softer hues of green and blue for your bedroom or anywhere you would want to spend some time resting or relaxing. Blue-green and yellow-green shades create a sense of happiness, and it is recommended to use them in your bathroom so that you can feel your best when soaking in the tub.

Painting Your Kitchen

Orange, brown, and yellow can be just perfect for your kitchen. 

  • When assessing different colours, think of coffee, peaches, and bananas.
  • You may consider choosing a softer wall paint before accessorising the different features in your kitchen including the appliances, cabinets, and other items
  • If you need a stimulating colour that enhances your appetite, consider red
  • If you desire to suppress your appetite, consider using green colour in your kitchen

For study rooms and home offices where you want to boost your focus and work hard, use green. Green is great for improving concentration. Besides, it has a soothing effect that could help you overcome stress.

Painting your home can be fun if you know which colours will work best for different rooms. When it comes to painting your place of business, you can again use the above-mentioned tips to guide your Commercial Painter Brisbane.

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