5 Home Improvement Trends to Watch in 2024

home improvement trend

The pandemic has forced people to spend most of their time inside their homes. As a result, homeowners started investing in home improvements. They went for renovations that accommodated the needs of all the people living in the house.

Staying at home helped people save money on commutes and other work-related expenses. They allocated these instead on renovations that make their home more comfortable.

This shift in lifestyles has greatly affected trends for the past couple of years. Here are five home improvement trends that are expected to make waves in 2023.

Modern Door Hardware

home improvement trend

Homeowners are expected to invest more in modern door hardware this year. The need for added security is what will mainly fuel this trend.

People will want to make sure that their home is safe and secure since they’re spending most of their time inside it.

Modern door hardware like handles and locks will also improve a home’s aesthetics. There are now a lot of available aesthetic designs that offer enough security for your home. You could go for minimalist designs that make your house look more elegant. Or you could go for bold ones that give your house character and make it stand out. The choice is yours.

Solar Panel Installation

home improvement trend

Another trend that is expected to come up this year is solar panels.

More and more people are looking for eco-friendly options when it comes to items for their homes. People are now more conscious about the things they buy. They prefer to consume services and products that help reduce their carbon footprint.

Solar panels are a great way to reduce energy use. It saves you a lot on electricity bills. It also uses renewable energy that positively impacts the environment.

Outdoor Kitchens

home improvement trend

Outdoor kitchens are also ‘in’ for 2023. The pandemic increased interest in taking inside elements outside the home. This trend has touched on kitchens as well.

People are now more interested in backyard dinners and parties. This gives them the outdoors vibe even without leaving their homes.

Having a grill and sink in your backyard patio already increases your property value. Adding tables and chairs for a dining space will make the experience even better.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

home improvement trend

Custom kitchen cabinets will also be a good investment this year. Any extra storage spaces will be valuable to homes.

Minimalist kitchen cabinets with hidden handles are already valuable investments. Add drawers to these cabinets or install more dividers to take them even further.

You could even add a spice rack that can be pulled down for easier access. Sloping shelves could also be a great way to store canned goods. When you take a can out of the cabinet, the next ones will automatically roll to the front. It would also be easier for you to see when you’re running low on some items.

Backyard Upgrades

home improvement trend

Backyard renovations will also be a good thing to invest in this year. Make your backyard into something that can be an extra relaxation space.

A gazebo or patio gives you a place to entertain guests while practicing social distancing. You could also exchange life updates while roasting marshmallows over a fire pit.

Simply adding fairy lights to your backyard makes the space more inviting. You could also set up a picnic mat with some pillows and blankets for a cozy corner. Reading a book or just feeling the breeze on a quiet afternoon can give you that much-needed break from work. It also helps you breathe without having to go elsewhere.

Home Improvements That Increase Property Value

It’s important to invest in home improvements that increase property value. The simple renovations that you do now will help you sell your home for more profit.

Again, here are the home improvement trends to watch in 2023:

  • Modern door hardware that increases security and improves the aesthetics of your home.
  • Solar panels that help you save up on electricity bills and help the environment with renewable energy.
  • Outdoor kitchens that help in bringing indoor elements outside for a fresher and more unique experience.
  • Custom kitchen cabinets that provide more storage space and easier access for kitchen items.
  • Backyard upgrades like installing fairy lights or building a whole patio to make the space cozier and more inviting for your guests.

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