20 Hidden WhatsApp Features That You Should Know About

WhatsApp Features

With over one billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is among the most common messaging applications. The app is constantly updated with new functionality, but we stumble across an exciting version every few weeks. So, what are the latest WhatsApp updates that you should be aware of?

If you use WhatsApp regularly for work or pleasure and search for ways to improve your messaging experience, here are a few helpful Whatsapp Latest good tips to consider at Live Enhanced.

Turn off the automatic download of Photos and videos

WhatsApp Features

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If you are exhausted from your device’s memory being clogged by the pictures and videos they send you, you can stop WhatsApp from downloading them manually. All you have to do is go to the app’s configuration screen and pick Chats. And, then turn off the option Visibility of multimedia content.

Make the last WhatsApp seen disappear

If you do not want other users to know when you last linked, WhatsApp helps you turn off this functionality. To disable the Last Seen, go to the Settings menu, pick Account, and then Privacy.

You can choose between any of your friends or only a handful. It is still a brilliant idea for security purposes to have at minimum one friend who knows when you last connected.

Check the status of your message

Do you have any idea when your message was viewed? What you have to do now is keep going and move your cursor to the left. The data choice is also available from the three-dot list. You would be able to see when a message was sent, accepted, and skim in all scenarios.

You can even read deleted texts

WhatsApp Features

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There is a way of reading texts that your mates have deleted. Install a message log app and request permission to read notifications. This software will keep track of all incoming alerts, which will help you recover a message that you inadvertently swiped away.

You can utilize some applications if you use WhatsApp for the company and want to add an instant answering response to WhatsApp messages. Auto Response for WhatsApp is one app users can try.

Listen to audio files before sending them

You can listen to the audio recordings before submitting them if you are not happy with your speech. This trick is accomplished when you start recording audio and then automatically exit the app when clicking the record button to stop it.

When you re-enter the Chat, you can find that the file has been saved, and you may listen to it, send it, or erase it.

Different messages will have different objectives and tones

Because of it’s customizable sounds, this is an outstanding alternative for seeing who is giving you WhatsApp messages. What you need to do is go to the Chat in query, tap on its name and appearance for the option “Customized sound,” and pick the one you want first.

Pin conversations at the top 

WhatsApp Features

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Whether you want to keep clear communication or interaction at the top of the list, simply click and hold the discussion for a few seconds, then pick the Pin icon from the choices menu that appears on the highest point. To put the conversation shortcut on the main tab, click the triple-dot settings and click build shortcut alternative.

Remove conversations from the top spot

People with whom you have lately spoken make it to the top of your WhatsApp chat page. You may mark a specific discussion as “Archive” if you do not wish it to be visible.

Long-press the discussion and click the top-right Archive button. This conversation will now be removed from the list. You can see it at the bottom of the page if you navigate all the way down.

Customized background

Besides, there are funds to control one to each speech. It is usually accompanied by a unique graphic or one of WhatsApp’s dark or light mode images.

To do so, go to the Control panel, then to Chats, and choose Wallpaper from the drop-down menu. You can find all the available images here, as well as the ability to change the illumination of your phone.

Formatting of messages

WhatsApp Features

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WhatsApp messages can also be formatted with different fonts. To do so, simply hold down the shift key when writing the text you want to insert in the text input field. You can now choose between bold, strikethrough, or italics for the formatting. You can also modify the font using the ‘Monospace’ choice.

Whatsapp stickers

In addition to Smileys and GIFs, WhatsApp now has an extensive range of creative stickers. Users may import various sticker sets, rearrange them, install personal ones, and even more configure them with third-party applications like “Private Stickers for WhatsApp.”

Whatsapp payments

WhatsApp also supports the UPI payment method, allowing you to transfer funds to your peers without ever leaving the app. From inside the chat window, you can choose this alternative. Simply tap the attachment icon to expose a payment method where the camera icon once resided.

Backup data

When you back up WhatsApp content to Google Drive, you will be able to quickly recover your chats and media if you change phones or reactivate WhatsApp. Select Settings>> Chat>> Chat Backup from the drop-down menu. You can choose whether WhatsApp can back up your files to Google Drive regularly, weekly, monthly, when you press Backup, or never from this menu.

Email of chats

You may also send the whole discussion to a contact as an email attachment. Go to Settings>> Chat>> Chat History to do so. Pick ‘Email Chat’ from the drop-down menu. Select the communication you want to send (with or without media), and then finish the procedure with your preferred mail program. The Chat would be forwarded as an a.txt attachment via email.

File transfer to PC

WhatsApp Features

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Whatsapp can also be used to share files between a computer and a cell phone.

Send the file you want to share with some link first, then go to the WhatsApp website on your phone. You can copy media or other file forms from the chat window to your computer from here. Alternatively, you should upload a file and then view it from your computer.

Saving crucial information

There is a method to identify and save relevant or valuable messages such as addresses, contact information, reference numbers, essential photos, and so on that you want to return to later. Tap the stars located in the upper menu after long-pressing a letter. Messages that have been stared can be retrieved by clicking the three-dotted menu button on the main screen.

Mark messages to read it later

When you have received messages but want to respond later, merely tap and hold the communication head in the ‘Chat’ tab and pick the ‘label as unread’ choice. It will not remove the ‘Blue clicks’ or read receipts, but it will leave a conspicuous green dot on the text as a note. You will respond to the message at your leisure later.

Share live location

You could now send your contacts a live spot. The positioning is monitored in real-time so that you can keep track of particular contacts’ precise locations. You can post your position for 15 minutes, an hour, or an entire day. Press the attachment icon in the input method area to do so. After that, go to ‘place’ and then ‘Start sharing Live Location.’

Delete photos or videos from a WhatsApp chat or group

WhatsApp Features

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You can uninstall texts, conversations, images, and recordings from a specific WhatsApp community or communication if it takes up too much storage space. Simply go to Settings>> ‘Data and Bandwidth Use,’ then choose ‘Space Usage,’ and you can see all of your groups and connections rated according to how much storage capacity they are using.

Choose the community and go to the bottom of the page to the ‘maintain messages’ choice.  Pick and clean any data you want to get away from videos, GIFs, Photos, and so on.

Read messages without showcasing blue ticks

There seem to be various options if you want to view a WhatsApp message without any of the sender noticing. You will switch off blue ticks entirely by heading to Settings>>Account>>Privacy>> uncheck Read Receipts. But, you will not be able to see how everyone has read your post.

The text could be accessed from the notifications screen. Simply tap and swipe down the email in the notification bar to extend it out and read several or long notifications. It is something like a band-aid solution since you will eventually have to get rid of the warning for sure.

Alternatively, you can easily activate AirPlane mode, read the post, and then deactivate AirPlane mode. It helps you to read a single message without preventing read receipts or reminding the sender.


The Facebook-owned website has expanded over time to provide more platforms to link its millions of users worldwide, and not all of them are well-known, so we have outlined 20 secrets WhatsApp features you can use right now.

There are some intriguing WhatsApp features, and we are sure you can find at least a couple of them helpful. WhatsApp is constantly introducing new functions, and that you can join the Beta program to be among the first to test them out.

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