How Many Time to Take to Charge a Portable Charger

Charge a Portable Charger
Portable Phone Chargers

Modern life gives people a lot of opportunities. People go on business trips often. Or they travel by bus, car, or plane to visit new countries. They spend a lot of time on their way or somewhere outside. Sometimes there is not much time left to charge a phone every day. Besides, most people have different devices such as laptops or tablets beside phones. However, with much work, it is difficult to remember to charge all these devices that often.

More and more people decide to buy portable phone charger. Nowadays, it could not be easier to get one. You can get a Villain Electronics power bank 20000mah or portable charger 20000mah and enjoy the advantages of this modern device.

VillainElectronics Advantages

Charge a Portable Charger


  • 3 ways of recharging. Choose yourself which one you prefer: type C, micro USB for android, or lightning for iphone. It takes about 7-9 hours for this battery to be fully charged. Then it is ready to charge everything you need.

  • Triple-device charging. Not many people limit themselves to having only one device. In addition to a cell phone, people would buy a laptop or a tablet. And all of them have their battery to charge. Using this portable power bank is also convenient as you could charge 3 devices at the same time.

  • High quality. We guarantee only the best quality of our products. We use premium materials and try to protect the charger from anything that could harm. Our charger has overcurrent, short-circuit, over-discharge, and temperature protection.

  • Met aviation limits. We know that flying is not the most exciting activity for some people. Especially if they have to do it on a regular basis. That is why we made our charger ain such a way that you could use it in planes and continue working or watching an interesting movie to enjoy the flight a bit more.

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Charge a Portable Charger


  • Constant support. You are always welcome to write to us and ask any question that bothers you. Besides, we guarantee a one-year warranty.

How to Choose the Best Portable Charger

Upon deciding to buy portable charger, you try to find the best one for you. At times, you are not sure what exactly you should pay attention to. We have prepared some tips for you to choose the best portable battery charger:

  • Size of the battery. This is the most important feature of the charger. You should decide how much power your battery should have. Our Villain power bank has 20000mah. It means that it could charge your mobile phone up to six times or your iPad 2.5 times.

  • Portability. Some batteries are rather big and heavy. They are useful when you go somewhere by car and do not need to carry much in your bag. But if you walk a lot, it is much better to get a light charger like our ultra-small power bank.

Charge a Portable Charger


  • The number of usb-ports. The bigger your battery size is, the more devices you could charge at the same time. Our battery has 3 usb-ports as usually, people use 3 devices they work with.

Get our portable charger and enjoy the best quality we have prepared for you! and get more ideas from Live Enhanced.

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