How and What You Have to Dress Up on a Night at the Opera?

Opera Night dresses

Because deciding what to wear to the opera is typically associated with being difficult and exclusive, we’ve put together a guide to assist you in participating and on another note, informing wholesale retailers in terms of which are the most suitable wholesale dresses and where they lie in the conversation.

Deciding what to wear to the opera can be difficult. Especially if your ideas of what to wear to the opera are all from watching fictional movies that overly dramatize the experience. Many women and men alike, hold a certain perspective about the opera and it is that the shows are full of high caliber and/or high profile people to the extent that attendees must dress in formal attire. Furthermore, to assist you in your fashion needs, we’ve created a guide to help you decide what to wear to the opera, in order for you to obtain the inspiration and/or information to create a trendy aesthetically pleasing outfit.

For The Fancy Pants/ Pleated Maxi Skirt

Opera Night dresses

This particular outfit is what some women tend to envision as the go to attire for seeing an opera, yet nonetheless it’s for the people who prefer to be overdressed than underdressed. We understand you people, like seriously. Furthermore, wearing a pleated maxi skirt with a plaid blazer, with heels is a gorgeous look. This year, WhoWhatWear has dubbed the pleated skirt the season’s MVP, otherwise known as the dominant trend to be spotted this season. This particular type of pleated maxi skirt was seen on South African model and philanthropist, Candice Swanepoel, Karlie Kloss and Victoria Beckham (we could’ve really just said Victoria Beckham) Nonetheless, wearing a pleated maxi skirt to the opera is a perfect comfortable, yet trendy way to appear fashionable for the main event.

Who Said Blazers Were Just For School?

Opera Night dresses

According to media outlet, WhoWhatWear, blazers are amongst the trendiest fashion items this year. We absolutely are stanning for this particular photo and the versatility of the plaid blazer. While typically garments such as the plaid blazer are associated with a preppy Cher from Clueless type of style yet on this particular model it looks edgy. Fortunately, when it comes to what Fashion items are must haves when attending the opera there is no specific dress code other than to be prepared to have a jacket to keep you warm. Taking comfortability into account, not only is this blazer ordeal great for warmth but it’s also for the woman who is fearless, independent and no nonsense. Wearing this specific outfit to the opera, is guaranteed to turn heads and hearts.

Opera Night dresses

In Popsugar’s article entitled, “Get To Know Fall’s 6 Most Wearable Trends” the outlet cited that red would be a powerful color and in fact designers like Oscar De La Renta, Tibi and Sally LaPointe have utilized this vibrant- semi melodramatic color. In this particular photo, the model appears to be wearing a red summer floral dress with red tights and boots, this way the look now fits the aesthetic for the fall as opposed to the spring/summer (warmer months). Nonetheless, it’s pretty obvious that this ensemble is meant to fit a woman who’s attempting to get out of her shell and be bold, or either a woman who has already been bold. There’s no in between when it comes to a whether a red outfit can cause someone to stand out, and it is nothing but the truth. Wearing all red will give you all of the drama you’ll be needing at the show.

The Leopard Print

Opera Night dresses

Based on the projections from Anna Sui and Phillip Lim, it appears as though prints has also become a trend for the Fall 2018.  Vogue recently published an article that made the topic narrower, yet slightly weird. When discussing how dominant animal patterns Italo Pantano wrote, “ Leopard is the print of choice according to Balenciaga, Christian Dior, N°21, Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney and Versace” and referenced the use of snakeskin and tiger patterns for use amongst haute couture designers. Taking a look at the leopard print in the portrait, one can infer that this garment is dedicated to living like a fabulous hippie and/or hipster. Check out Glamour magazine’s “6 Fresh Ways To Wear Leopard Print This Fall”, for more information and inspiration.

Additional Outfits

Double Denim: Vogue Paris published an article that mentioned how brands like Stella Mccartney and Calvin Klein are bringing back double denim on the runway and we are crazy ecstatic. Stars like Zoe Kravitz, Mila Kunis and Gwen Stefani are already killing this look and it may be a smart decision to rock this look to the opera. We’d recommend wearing a denim skirt with a white button up  and pairing a denim jacket or kimono alongside the skirt. Additionally, designer black tie formal dress for hire stilettos would ultimately end up making this outfit pop.

Faux Fur: While fur has been practically banned from the insiders in the fashion industry, faux fur is making major moves in the industry and as a matter of fact was listed as one of the most dominant trends during the fall New York Fashion Week. When deciding what to wear to the opera, opt for multicolored faux fur and rock it with skinny light wash Levis and with a tall pair of high heels. Go ahead and buy the faux fur, even Donatella versace’s rocking it.

Neon: W Magazine just recently published an article encompassing the 13 biggest fall 2018 fashion trends and boy, were there tons of uncanny, avant garde like looks to be worn constantly on and off the runway. We’ve already seen the color palette on icons like SZA and Teyana Taylor, yet we’re overzealous for new looks to come and most importantly your amazing approach to fashion and reinventing one’s self. We recommend you wearing a neon dress, to be specific, and pairing the outfit with converse sneakers.

Thank you for reading, we hope that we were able to spark your creativity and fashion sense upon reading this article.

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