Complete Guide to Use Youtube Card for Your Video


If you are anything like us, we are sure that you must spend most of your free time using YouTube videos and to be honest, we love watching YouTube videos. This interest by huge masses of the public has made YouTube the second most used search engine platform after Google. You can understand this because when one doesn’t find anything relevant on Google, they take help from YouTube to find answers to their questions. So, it is safe to say that YouTube isn’t a regular platform for watching funny videos anymore.

After all this, businesses were adamant to make their presence on YouTube to ensure the exposure from their target audience and eventually increase their business visibility. However, this opportunity was available to everyone and every business was trying its best to capture the most out of it which led to colossal competition. With such competition, leaving an impact on the target audience and retaining their interest became a top priority. To answer such confusion, YouTube Cards were introduced so, let’s dive in deeper and see what it looks like!

YouTube Cards

YouTube card


In simpler words, YouTube cards are used for ensuring the generation of actionable and practical results from the published videos. With the YouTube cards, the visual components are incorporated into the video objectives rather than working solely on the annotations and interactive. There are no limitations for the visibility of Buy YouTube Views as they can appear anywhere you want them to such as in the beginning, middle, or end in the form of links, videos, and images. These cards ensure the optimal usage of call-to-action statements and make the videos more interactive.

Types of YouTube Cards

Types Of Card


There is a lot of variety when it comes to using YouTube cards and to let you know about that, we have added the five different types of YouTube cards in the section below. Have a look!


  • Videos & Playlists – These cards help in promoting the video content
  • Channel – These cards help in promoting the channel (if you have multiple channels, you can use these cards)
  • Donation – These cards help in featuring the donation causes and you can ask for donations in these cards
  • Poll – These cards help in encouraging the audience base to take part on MCQs type polls
  • Links – These cards help in increasing the conversion rate when the viewers will visit the outside website

The best thing about these cards is that they can be sued at one time so, make the most out of it but make sure there are not too many interruptions in the videos as it can irritate the audience.

Adding The Cards To The Videos

Add YouTube Card


If you want to add the YouTube cards in your videos, follow our below-mentioned guidelines;


  1. First of all, go to the YouTube video manager and click on the video in which you want to add the cards
  2. Then, click on the “edit” button from the section below the video title
  3. A new window will open and click on the “Card” option from the top bar
  4. In this section, you can easily create the card (whichever you like)
  5. However, you will need to add some additional information such as a customized message or the teaser text to spark curiosity among the audience
  6. After adding everything, adjust the show-up time of the video and drag and drop option will help you drag the video on the time marker
  7. Once you have made all the required changes, preview the video and make sure that it is up to the mark. If there are any issues, correct them and save the changes

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Top Ways To Use The YouTube Cards

YouTube usecard


In case you are fascinated by the idea of using YouTube cards but don’t know how to use it effectively to drive results, let us help you with that!


  • You need to use the cards which will make sure that your audience base is directed to videos and the goal is to make sure that your audience watches the complete video before clicking on the back button
  • The other thing that you need to make sure is that you place only the relevant cars. This is because if the relevant cards are not added, it might turn back on you and you don’t want that happening if you are looking for business visibility
  • The video cards will make sure that if someone is watching your video, high chances will be ensured for them to watch your next videos as well. However, this will only happen if your content is engaging enough or else, the video cards will be of no use


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