5 Secrets to Timeless Style by Los Angeles’s Designer Saverio Pisano

Savarino Pisano

Since the age of five, Saverio Pisano has been a part of the fashion industry.  It was at that young age in Italy where he began his training, later moving to Paris and then Buenos Aires, Argentina.  In Argentina, he became famous for dressing the wives of diplomats, celebrities, and high society.  It was also in that South American city where he founded the prominent PISANO Fashion Design School.  He is the author of the popular book on pattern making, The Tailoring Bible, which was written to share his unique skills, something he considers essential to a timeless style.  Today, Pisano resides in Los Angeles where his studio is located and where the energy of the city and its denizens are loyal to his designs.  

Below are his top tips for understanding what timeless style is and how to get it.

Focus perfectly tailored pieces that are both unique and classic

For Pisano, a person with timeless style understands that their wardrobe consists of custom garments or clothing that is perfectly tailored.  This is because a perfect fit will be flattering, comfortable, make the wearer feel confident.  It also makes an excellent investment because the items will be used for years to come and always look new.  Pisano describes the process as emotionally powerful because it affects the way a person carries themselves. They stand taller, feel more powerful, and their outlook is positive.  Others can immediately detect if the clothes are wearing the person or if the person is wearing clothes.

Express your style in a creative way that reflects who you are

Savarino Pisano

Pisano has said that he is an artist first and that fashion is his medium.  He feels that his abilities are like a gift given to him at birth and that it is, in many ways, spiritual. The designer is a perfectionist when it comes to creating patterns that reflect the desires of his clients.  Years of training were given to the study of anatomy and the process of discovering ways to visually transform how a person wants to look.  A designer must be able to include the creativity of the client and the exact measurements of a pattern. 

Trends and timeless style are not the same – know the difference

Savarino Pisano

Each season designers produce runway shows with the latest trends using color, fabrics, and unique styles. Often there are guests watching the show that are not on-trend, but still turn heads with their timeless style.  Clients who gravitate towards custom garments and haute couture want to be noticed.  It is how they interpret fashion and how they work with a designer and tailor.  One can have a timeless style without it being overly trendy. It is the expression of how the person feels and how well the garments are cut.

The perfect pattern is the true secret to timeless style

Savarino Pisano

Much of fashion has gone from pencil and paper to digital.  However, Pisano believes that even with computers, it is nearly impossible to make the perfect pattern. It is a highly prized skill that must be done by hand.  Pisano has been quoted as saying, “If you don’t know the real technique, there’s no other remedy!”  The designer’s technique has been developed over many years of study in Milan and Paris, and his book about patterns, ‘The Tailoring Bible’ is a proven system.  The goal of the publication is to help current and future students create the perfect pattern and are focused on making as few changes as possible.  Designers must learn to make a pattern perfectly the first time. This saves the client time and creates a positive experience.

Find inspiration in fashion capitals around the world

Whether or not you like to travel, inspiration from fashion capitals around the world can be found online, in books, and magazines.  Currently, in Los Angeles, Pisano loves the opportunity to work with clients who embody a strong and timeless sense of style.  He is constantly energized and inspired to design and create dresses, suits, and gowns that communicate sophistication.  Pisano says that he will never retire because “being creative is a gift and it makes me feel free.”

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