When the Law Won’t Help, What Can Do Next?

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Law enforcement officers are charged with protecting the public. However, there are situations where these individuals find their hands are tied and they cannot assist someone in need. When the law cannot help in this type of situation, where should a person turn? Quite a few people find an investigator can be of assistance when it comes to resolving the matter and getting the answers that are needed. The following are three situations where a person might find they benefit from bringing in a professional of this type.

Missing Person

Missing Person law

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A loved one may go missing and the law doesn’t seem to think it is a matter of urgency. They might believe the individual took off by choice or feel that the matter has been investigated and a dead-end has been reached. No family should wonder what happened to their loved one in this type of situation and it may be time to hire an investigator.

The investigator will likely speak to the police to learn what has and has not been done and go from there. Furthermore, he or she takes any leads obtained by the police and continues to work them. A person handling this type of case won’t give up until the funds run out or the person is found. It all depends on the resources of the family and how far they wish to take the matter. Law enforcement doesn’t have this type of leeway, as they have other cases they are working on as well. An investigator can dedicate more time and resources to the matter as he or she is being paid to do so.

Insurance Fraud

Insurance Fraud

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An insurance company is in business to make money. When an item has been stolen and is not recovered or has been destroyed or damaged, the company has to pay out funds to the policyholder according to the policy purchased. However, there may be times when the insurer feels there may be fraud involved. When this is the case, the company might choose to hire an investigator to determine if the item was actually stolen or destroyed or if the policyholder is trying to keep the item and obtain a check at the same time.

Law enforcement may look into the matter briefly but will often recommend the insurer simply pay the funds. An investigator, in contrast, will work to determine if the item has actually been damaged, destroyed or stolen or if the policyholder is committing fraud. This is typically seen in cases where large amounts of money are involved, but an insurer can hire a professional of this type for any claim.

Marital Disputes

Marital Disputes

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When a couple decides to divorce, relations can deteriorate quickly. One or both parties may begin to make accusations about their spouse and these accusations often need to be investigated to determine the truth. For instance, one person might claim the other is hiding assets to pay out less in the divorce settlement or a spouse could claim the other has been unfaithful. In situations such as these, the law typically won’t become involved. It will be up to the spouse making the accusation to provide proof for the court. An investigator can be of great help at this time, as he or she is trained to find information that someone is trying to keep hidden.

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Law Office

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If you have attempted to work with the law on a matter only to find the authorities aren’t of much help, it may be time to contact an investigator. Although doing so does cost money, most people find the funds have been well spent when the truth is discovered. Furthermore, the person requesting the investigation will likely obtain peace of mind, and that is priceless.

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