Makeover Yourselves with Latest Lipsticks Shades


Lipstick is that one makeup product that can make you feel a certain type of way. No matter what you’re wearing, adding a pop of color to your lips can transform your whole appearance and uplift your mood. In a way, we use lipstick to express ourselves and send a message to the world.

All lipstick lovers have one thing in common: we love to collect lip products! Lip pencils, cream lipsticks, lip crayons, liquid lipsticks…We love to try out every formula and color under the sun! We all have drawers full of lipsticks that we barely use because we have so many colors. There are too many lipsticks that we love to wear, but sadly, too little time to use them before the expiry date. We end up throwing away so many beautiful shades just because we forget about them. This is why we need some organization, a way to easily spot our favorite shades in all of the clutter we have in our drawers.

This is where the Swatch Chart comes in!


The Swatch Chart

The Swatch Chart is a visual lipstick organizer that will remind you of all the amazing lipstick colors you own. It is an innovative product that does the job better than any makeup organization box!

This unique piece of beauty room wall art is changing the game in the makeup industry. It solves the problem of lipstick hoarding and makeup clutter – you can finally have all of your shades displayed in front of you! All you need to do is swatch your lipsticks on the empty spots and write down the shade name and brand with a sharpie – then hang it on your wall. And that’s it! Your whole lipstick collection is neatly organized and laid out on your wall.

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Original Wall Art


If you’re looking for a piece of original wall art for your makeup room, this is it! The Swatch Chart is the most unique wall décor for makeup lovers. It’s a personalized item that lets you show off your whole lipstick collection in your own original way – every Swatch Chart is different because we all have different color preferences! Think about it; is there a better way to decorate the walls of your beauty room than doing it with your favorite lipstick shades?

There are 3 types of canvas Swatch Charts: canvas poster, hanging canvas and canvas wraps (which are already framed). This surface is amazing for swatching lip liners, cream and liquid lipstick formulas – it’s made out of a poly cotton blend material that resembles a painting. There’s also a special Swatch Chart made out of metal – the aluminum surface is waterproof and scratch resistant, which means that you can remove your lipstick swatches with a makeup wipe and paint it all over again!

Use Your Lipsticks More Often

Once you have all of your shades laid out in front of you, you’ll get inspired to use them more often! We all have some stunning lipstick shades forgotten in the back of our drawers. Why not give them some love?


Buy Less

Having a Swatch Chart in your beauty room will help you keep track of your lipstick collection and know exactly which shades you already own. Next time you’re going makeup shopping, you won’t fall for the same lipstick shades you have at home. This way you’ll buy less lipstick and finally save some money on makeup. How cool is that?

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Create New Looks

Having a look at all of your amazing shades will inspire you to create new makeup looks! You won’t use the same nude lipstick anymore once you see the bold colors you own. So pick up your brushes and don’t be afraid to experiment with makeup. It’s always a good idea to add some new exciting colors in your makeup routine.


Gift for Makeup Lovers

Do you have a makeup lover in your life that you’re never quite sure what to gift to? The Swatch Chart would make a perfect gift! It’s the type of product for beauty lovers that you can’t go wrong with – you don’t have to worry about mismatching a foundation shade or buying something they already own. They will definitely love this creative piece of wall art!

If you’re looking to get this one of a kind product, head over to Glow Gurl. The various styles and designs of Swatch Charts are waiting for you! See more Beauty Products at Live Enhanced.

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