List of working torrent sites that still work today

Best Torrant Websites

If you are looking for torrent sites for downloading music, films, and any other things then it becomes very essential to know the name of some top torrent sites. But whenever you use the torrent site make sure that it is regularly updated. There are many torrent sites that have already shut down in the past few years. Apart from that, some torrent sites were also full of low-quality torrents and malware. Again, uses of torrent sites are illegal in many countries and so before you use the torrent site it is very essential to make sure that your country allows it. Apart from that, it is also necessary to use a secured VPN for protecting yourself when the torrent sites are used.and that will be enhanced your speed to download torrents with security.

Some best torrent sites that still work in 2019

In this article, we have come up with a list of torrent site that not only works and updated but also provides you a high-quality material which you actually want. More torrent sites listed here and you can definitely take these sites into consideration whenever looking to download any movie, film or video games:

The Pirate Bay


1.The Pirate Bay:

                                 This is the best torrent site and it is thoroughly tested. So you are completely secured while using this torrent site. It comes up with VIP/Trusted user tags with the help of which you can easily detect which torrent is legitimate and safe. Apart from that this site can also evade multiple shutdowns and blocks. That is the reason why this torrent site has become the most popular torrent tracker all over the world. In this site, there are millions of torrents from various categories. It has an average downloading speed of 6.2 MB/sec. 



2.  RARBG:

                            This is another best torrent site especially for getting the new content. It actually comes up with a variety of new as well as the old torrent. This torrent site first appeared in 2008 and since then it has been providing outstanding service. Thus it has built a reputation all over the world for providing high-quality torrent. But this sites is blocked in many countries Like as Bulgaria, Denmark, Portugal, and the UK. But you will be able to bypass these blocks with the help of a VPN for torrent. It has an average download speed of 6.1 MB/sec.



3. 1337x:

                          This is the best torrent search site among the list of best website that comes up with the excellent choice of movies, TV shows, games, music, films, etc. it has some excellent features such as Oscar nominations, new episodes, libraries, etc. with the help of which browsing becomes a lot easier. Recently this torrent site has undergone a lot of rework that has improved the layout of the site as well as eliminates all serious security risks. It has a download speed of 4.2 MB/sec.   




                            This is another best torrent site especially for downloading e-books and anime. It has a clean and instinctive interface. Apart from that it also has a list of top 100 torrents which will certainly help you to find the best content easily. Since its inception, this torrent site has been providing excellent performance and has also given fantastic user experience. The downloading speed of this website is 4.4 MB/sec.




                      This torrent site is the best for downloading music. It comes up with a huge variety of music torrents. One significant feature of this website is that it is very easy to operate and it maintains a very low profile as compared to other available torrent sites. That is the reason why it is so demanding in the market. It has an average downloading speed of 6.4 MB/sec.



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                  If you a fan of classical music then YTS will certainly be the best torrent sites for you. It actually comes up with a great choice of classical music that is very hard to find in the market. This torrent site is highly suitable for those users who have limited bandwidth. Another excellent feature of this torrent website is that it is very easy to browse content on this site which includes music, movies, Video games, TV shows, etc. The average downloading speed of this site is 3.2 MB/sec.     

Best Torrant Websites



 Here it is a certain website which is still working to download movies, Web series, Software, Pictures and many more from torrent. But Here we are not promoting or supporting any kind of torrent website here. And we do not believe in piracy too.


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