How To Maintain Short Facial Hair Using A Beard Trimmer

Beard Trimmer

Over past years, the media has portrayed that long, generous beard has been the ”trend”, this has led to the acceptance of facial hair informal environments. However, the trend of having a longer and luscious beard has come to a halt and many have turned their heads towards the shorter styles of beard.

Beard Trimmer


The key difference between these two beard types is drastic. The luscious beard doesn’t take much management, you could maintain it with a pair of scissors. However, the same cannot be said for the shorter beard styles as they need constant maintenance. The shaving machine they look towards for guidance is the electric shaver for men.

Best Beard Trimmer In The Market For Men

The Richor Rotary Shaver by Venyn places above all others and is also one of the few beard trimmers that have been placed as Amazon’s Choice. The Richor electric shaver can be used on wet skin immediately after a bath, skin with applied gels or shaving foam, or dry skin. This makes for a very versatile electric shaver as you can use it anytime anywhere.

Beard Trimmer


The beard trimming head of Richor is equipped with three blades that follow the contours of the face, therefore, allowing for an extremely consistent trimming. The adaptiveness of these 3D floating heads makes it possible for you to trim at angles that you would struggle with an ordinary beard electric shaver.

The ergonomics and design of Richor are made suitable for travel. The long-lasting battery is capable of lasting during the entirety of a short trip, whilst you could recharge them at your will during longer trips.

The Perfect Beard Trimming Routine For Shorter Beards

Beard Trimmer


Step 1

Before you begin trimming, be sure to comb your hair from the mustache to cheeks. This makes it easier whilst trimming. Keeping the hair in position will save you a lot of time and provide better results.

Step 2

Use the trimmer to fade your hair into your beard using the face razor. you can use a beard trimmer to fade-in from the cheekbone to even hair length with move outwards to chines from the neck.

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Step 3

Comb the remainder of the hair outwards and trim using the right attachment that suits your desired hair length.

Step 4

Comb the hair over the lip and trim the hair that falls over the lip for a clean finish.

Beard Trimmer


Step 5

Now look at the mirror and check if there is any hair that strays away from the beard. You can trim the strays using a pair of scissors.

Step 6

After trimming your beard be sure to apply beard oil or balm to keep the skin beneath hydrated. This will prevent dry skin and beard itch.

Not all of us have the time to visit our barbers, thus, having a face razor at home could help us easily maintain our beards without the need for expert help. Having a face razor also allows us to work on our beard on our own schedule and skip the needless salon bills. Overall short beards can be easy to maintain when you have the right tools, therefore, choose your face razors wisely as they could either turn the experience of trimming bitter or fun, See more mes’s fashion ideas at live enhanced.

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