How to Make the Most Out of a Balcony or Small Garden

Balcony or Small Garden decoration

There’s a common misconception that only sprawling properties with spacious yards and street-side curbs can have gardens. Sure, you’ll probably have more room to accommodate big plants and burgeoning trees, but this doesn’t mean an apartment with a small outfacing balcony can’t have the garden life. Even in small spaces, having a garden or some greenery can increase the value and the demand for your home when it comes to selling. 

You’ll have to make some adjustments and work around certain limitations, but you can make it more than work. There are tons of accessories and gadgets on the market to help you make the most out of your small garden space.

From rail planters and plant stands to garden pots and foldable furniture, you have many options to house your garden plants and flowers without cluttering your balcony.

Although setting up a balcony garden won’t cost much because of less square footage, there are ways to minimize costs further.

In this article, we’ll walk you through some great ideas to make your balcony a beautiful life-buzzing haven for your apartment.

Grow Dwarf or Compact Varieties

Balcony or Small Garden decoration


Some plants are naturally big and therefore don’t grow well in small pots. That’s why you need dwarf varieties or smaller plant types – like hanging ferns or succulents.

Dwarf fruits and vegetables take less than a 7-foot diameter space, allowing you to grow colorful vegetation within the small confines of your balcony garden. Here are some excellent tips you can use to maintain balcony dwarf plants. 

  • Think about outdoor conditions. In summers, when the sunlight and heat are intense, water regularly. Also, make sure the pots have proper drainage holes to prepare for heavy rains. 
  • Choose a solid container to protect against windy conditions. As an example, opt for stoneware instead of plastic.
  • Have a busy schedule? Choose low-maintenance plants, such as drought-tolerant succulents. 
  • Think up. Select varieties that flourish more vertically than sideways, for example, tomatoes, snap beans, and wares. Alternatively, some hanging plants in a decorative plant holder can really improve the atmosphere and create a more inviting space. 
Use Railing Planters

Balcony or Small Garden decoration


Hanging gardens have garnered attention over the years for their ability to add balcony footage while following regulations.

One key aspect of hanging gardens is a railing planter. 

You can suspend railing planters from a side railing with the help of clip attachments. This way, you save yourself from the hassle of permanent installation and create additional room for your herbs, flowers, and other foliage. Just make sure you gauge the mature height of your plants before installation to prevent overgrowth.

To improve privacy, consider taller plants to block the direct view to your interiors. However, if you enjoy the sunlight and view, stick with small varieties for your planters.

Think Potted Gardening

Balcony or Small Garden decoration


Potted gardening is the best way to add a dash of fullness to your limited outdoor space.

The great thing about potted plants is that you can move them anywhere you want. This helps a lot when you have to redesign and de-clutter. You can also clamp pots together to fill up spaces and impart a more flourishing look.

Consider an assortment of small and large garden pots to mix things up. Don’t have the budgets for pots? Think about recycling soda tins, metal cans, or an old study boot to fashion a unique home for your plants. Breaking conventions can make your balcony garden stand out.

Use a Plant Stand

One great way to compartmentalize small garden spaces is to think in terms of corners and not entire areas. A plant stand works as an apartment building for plants, creating architecturally dedicated hubs in your outdoor living space.

To start, place a tiered plant stand in the corner of an area and occupy the shelves with different plants, capitalizing on the stands skyscraper-like architecture. If you can’t buy a plant stand, make one from stacked crates or wooden tables.

Furniture on the Balcony

Balcony or Small Garden decoration


Furniture can take a lot of space on your balcony garden. Therefore, you have to select the type of furniture that best suits your balcony’s design and greenery. For example, choose a foldable and lightweight table so that you can move it back indoors when you don’t want to use it. Foldable furniture like an umbrella stand is also great to protect against direct sunlight. Think multifunctional furniture like a wooden box that doubles as a storage and a chair.

To give your balcony garden the illusion of space, repaint. If you have a sunny balcony, go for bolder, brighter colors since they take time to heat up. And don’t forget to factor in the garden’s theme and plants. Your furniture should complement the balcony’s style, not look like something that doesn’t belong.

Final thoughts

Balcony or Small Garden decoration


Think about what you can do to make the most of every surface. Whether it’s a wall, floor, or ceiling, reinvent it to team plenty of greenery.

Your outdoor space should be a place of peace and rest. It should allow you to comfortably bask in the morning sunshine or watch the beautiful orange sun fade into darkness. Making this little slice of outside space to meet your needs takes some effort and thinking. But it’s essential to actualize and keep alive your dream of balcony gardening. Your outdoor space can really bring new life into a small space, especially if you’re preparing your property to sell. When selling your home, make sure you seek out an expert pre-sale advice property valuation to ensure you can sell your property at an optimized value. 

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