Why Your Home Needs a Mid Century Modern Dining Table

Mid Century Modern Dining Table

So you’re looking to buy a new dining table but you are not sure which one would be a good investment. There are so many to see in the market and it can get confusing especially when you are not really adhering to a particular style. If that is your situation right now, you might want to buy a mid century modern dining table.

Before we list down what makes this a worthwhile investment, let’s first discuss the features of mid-century modern design style. This style became popular sometime in the 1930s up to the 1960s and influenced many industries, including architecture and graphic design. If you have heard of Ray Eames, he is one of the proponents of this movement.

One of the things that makes it popular even until now is that they put importance on function over form. Another is the use of geometric figures but still keeping to minimalistic principles. This style also mixes several materials together, such as plastic and wood, making it accessible and affordable for many. They can also come in a variety of colors, from neutral to bold. Here are some reasons why it’s a good idea to buy this type of dining table at Live Enhanced.

They are timeless

Mid Century Modern Dining Table

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There’s a reason why many people still follow this design principle. It is simply timeless. Whatever century you are in, you will find that most of the pieces made with this style in mind can still be considered beautiful. For tables, the sleek and simple designs would really be pleasing to the eye. You won’t find gaudy ornaments and intricate woodwork. Instead, you’ll get something beautiful and stylish. If you want to add something different, because they are so simple, they can easily be dressed up with centerpieces or plants.

They can fit with many styles

Mid Century Modern Dining Table

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If you are afraid to buy a mid-century modern dining table because it may clash with your other furniture, then fear not. This type of table will feel at home in a shabby chic dining room as it would in an industrial themed kitchen. If you are going for Scandinavian design, then this table will feel right at home. The sleek lines and minimal orientation are just some of the standout features which make it easy to match with other design styles.

They are functional

Mid Century Modern Dining Table

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As mentioned above, one of the most important features of this era in design is that function should win over form. Every furniture has a purpose and not just made for aesthetic purposes. This is perfect for those with small spaces as you want everything in your house to not just look beautiful, but to also have a specific function in the house. You might be surprised to find that many pieces from the height of this era are still being sold until today. You might have to pay a pretty penny to have them as they are already considered vintage pieces. But these were all made to last and therefore a sound investment for anyone who is interested in interior design.

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