10 Splendorous Modern Art Deco Wall Mirrors Ideas!

Modern Art Deco Wall Mirrors

Art pieces add a new dimension to the interior decoration. Artworks include paintings, wall pieces, and many other things. Mirrors are also a good source of artistic decor. Pretty and functional mirrors add to the curb appeal of your room. Mirrors have different shapes and sizes. They embellish the space with charm. Delicacy is the essence of mirror art. Your home decor is incomplete without a modern art deco mirror.

There are varieties of mirror art available online as well as offline. Mid-century modern starbursts are the most popular mirror wall art. A petal flower-style mirror art piece is also a good choice. This kind of playful geometric show pieces enhances the overall look. Decorative mirrors are a good solution to add elegance to your boring walls.

What is Art Deco Mirror?

Modern Art Deco Wall Mirrors

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Art Deco Mirrors are types of mirrors that have decorative edges. They are intentionally made beautiful to serve a dual purpose. The purpose of a decorative piece well acts as a mirror. Versatility is the key feature of modern art deco mirrors. It can be a blend of modern art as well as vintage themes. Mirrored wall art must have detailing in the designs. For example, rich colors, textures, and metal can be used. Apart from that, designs, shapes, and geometry are also important.

10 Modern Art Deco Wall Mirrors
1. Clustered Decorative Wall Mirrors

These mirrors come in a bunch. Randomly 4 to 5 different-sized mirrors are there in a set. The most interesting part is the shapes and sizes of the mirrors. It comes in a variety of designs. Additionally, they provide an earthy and rustic feeling in the dining area. You can also make a statement by putting it in your living room. Complete the look with a sideboard and artificial plants around it. This will elevate the overall look.

2. Octagonal Mirrors

Modern Art Deco Wall Mirrors

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The octagonal shape is a unique pattern. Mirrors with octagon shapes are rare. When you add golden framing, it looks gorgeous. The 3D geometric frame is out of a box idea. This design is edgy and elegant.  It must have strong wire construction. This subtle little decor piece will hold the whole room together. You can place it above a fireplace, or above the sofa. The best place can be above the headboard of your bedroom. Geometric spokes overlap one another giving an accent look.

3. Decorative Sunburst Mirror

This unique pattern has a round mirror as a center. The borders of the mirror represent sun rays. It means you can decoratively style the sun rays in different designs. For Example. Petal, spikes, or bubbles. The main theme of the style is a center round mirror and detailing on the edges. This piece is a decor item for a patio or outdoor space. The living room will have a center of attraction if you place it there. Mirrored petals or hollow petals, any design you can choose for the edges. 

4. Vertigo Mirrors

Modern Art Deco Wall Mirrors

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Vertigo mirrors have a round shape and metal brass frame. The frame can be gold or silver metal also. Choose the white uneven frame in the black round background. The main theme is that it has accent lights behind the mirror. Therefore, we can use it with a dual purpose. The soft glow of the light can be used as a night light or ambiance light. It works best when you place it on the vanity place or your bedroom wall.   

5. Large Decorative Wall Mirror With Petal Frame

This metallic mirror has a warm color palette. It has a chrysanthemum design of petals. Detailing is done in three different metals and colors. From copper to brass, silver to golden, you can choose any three colors. Petals are giving ornamental looks. Add extra playfulness to your traditional home with his vibrant yet elegant mirror piece. The metallic multicolor finish is the real beauty of this design. This functional floral wall sculpture will be a center of attraction in the living room.

6. Rope Mirror 

Modern Art Deco Wall Mirrors

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This is a mirror with decorative jute ropes on the edges. It creates a textural frame with bohemian looks. Rough jute ropes give texture to the wall. Apart from that, you can have beach vibes with this type of mirror piece in your bedroom. It is available in different shapes and sizes. Natural hemp rope wrapped around the mirror is a source of natural essence. This classic seaside decor piece is a good choice for your vanity area.

7. Round Boho Style Decorative Wall Mirror

Another macrame wall decor piece with a boho touch. The soothing aesthetics of this wall mirror adds to the curb appeal of the room. If you like bohemian decor style, then choose this mirror. Natural Cotton with floral designs has a class of designer minds. It is a hanging wall mirror with a macrame fringe around boho mirror artwork. It is suitable for the living room, bedroom, and baby nursery dorm. Ivory color cotton ropes are the key elegance of this decor. 

8. Rustic Layered Round Shape Mirror 

Modern Art Deco Wall Mirrors

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A round shape mirror with rustic wood edged. It may have two to three layers of edges. A key feature is the frame of layered wooden strips with dark wood strains. It can make the 3D impression of Mid-century decor vibes. Add this modern designer mirror piece with a rustic finish to your living room area. You will surely get compliments for your excellent decor sense.

9. Round Golden Mirror With Decorative Branches

This extravagant style of mirror is a contemporary designer art. The round shape mirror with branches around is the theme of connecting to nature, The material used in this frame is engineered wood, metal, and glass. Acrylic material branches look delicate. Champagne color branches with crystals at the end complete a heavenly look. Moreover, you can add different colors and customize according to other interior decors of your house.

10. Flower-Shaped Black Decorative Mirror

Modern Art Deco Wall Mirrors

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This mirror style is classy due to its black color. A glossy look with curves adds to the contemporary vibes. The floral pattern and complete shape of a flower make it different from other petal frame mirrors. This decorative metal flower wall mirror is a unique accent piece for your home interior. You can also design it in a variety of colors. It has a round glass mirror and curved round metal with a glossy paint finish. 


Deco Mirrors are the easiest option to enhance the interior of your home. Generally, we get overwhelmed by the options available in modern art deco wall mirrors. But not anymore, as we have the above-mentioned list of beautiful deco mirrors. Select the style that fits in the interiors of your home.

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