Why Moving House with Kids Doesn’t Have to Be a Nightmare

Moving House with Kids

Moving house with children doesn’t have to be a nightmare; it can also be an opportunity for your kids to learn new skills while also getting an insight into the sacrifices their parents made for them growing up. 

To help you get through what could be a very stressful time and ready your home for its new occupants, we’ve put together the best tips for moving house with kids.

Plan Everything in Advance

Moving House with Kids

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Try to plan your move well in advance and begin preparing as soon as your will is confirmed. There’s no point in packing up, only to realize that there was an extra piece of furniture you hadn’t thought about yet or a wall item you could have added to the list.

You can save yourself the stress and effort of organizing everything from scratch and set your mind at ease by planning your move early. Making a detailed list of all the items you want and will need, including a timeline for when you need it all, is a good way to achieve this goal. The more organized you are in planning, the less time you will spend doing it afterwards.

Let Your Child Help You

There’s nothing better than feeling as though you are contributing to the effort of getting ready for the move. If your child is old enough, let them help with these plans. Some children can be very organized and may not mind helping plan their move, especially if a reward is involved at the end.

If your child is still small enough to be seated in a high chair or on your lap, they can help plan out a timeline so that you can see exactly what remains to be done. Once planning has been completed, have them write lists of items they need and ensure they are all accounted for by asking them to show it all to you before travelling.

Set Clear Expectations

Moving House with Kids

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The whole family must understand what you expect from them once the moving day arrives. If you don’t, there is a good chance that things will go wrong, especially if your child doesn’t understand the moving process

Make sure you clearly explain what needs to be done and when it needs to happen without fail. As long as they know what is required, they will be helpful in the move.

Explain to Your Children

Be sure to explain to your children that being prepared will help them feel safer and more comfortable moving and settling into their new home. Since it is an interstate move, they might not fully understand, but they are sure to appreciate the effort you have made to prepare, even if they grumble at the time it has taken.


Moving House with Kids

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Moving house is a major upheaval for any family. When you throw in the added challenges of managing school pick-up, homework, after-school activities simultaneously and worrying about packing boxes and researching new schools, it can be a bit much. 

If you’re planning on moving house with kids soon, you must prepare for the move. It’s a process that can be managed efficiently with planning and preparation. 

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