6 Best Offline Games for your Kids

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Modernization and advancement in technology have undoubtedly made life easier and trendier for us in several aspects. But, the effect it has on kids is still up for debate. Being cooped up at home and staring non-stop at the computer or mobile screen to play games is not only physically unhealthy but has a severe psychological impact as well. The elders of the family must encourage the kids to go out and play. This way, the kids are engaged while developing bonds with other children and strengthening their bodies and mind.

Often, the games you play as kids’ offers benefits that you are not aware until you focus on the intricate details of the game itself. You can take a peek at some of the best offline games for kids that are listed below.

1) Kitchen Sets

Toy Kitchen
Traditionally depicted as a game meant for little girls, kitchen sets can be played by kids of both the genders. It is unsavory to distinguish games at such a young age. This game involves playing with pieces that resemble the actual utensils and pieces of equipment present in the kitchen. These are usually made from plastic and come in miniature sizes. They do not contain any sharp objects and are relatively safe. While many may think of it as a mindless game, it is not. It helps to enhance the imagination and creativity of the kid.

This also helps them to develop their communication and social skills. Apart from this, the game also touches on teamwork and organizational skills. Your kids playing this game could also instill in them self-confidence that is hard to cultivate from outside.

2) Hopscotch

This game can simply be arranged by using chalk. Draw square boxes on the ground and number them from 1 to 9. Use a medium-size rock and throw it on the square labeled as 1.Then you have to hop on one foot, jump and leap your way till box nine and then come back and pick the rock with one foot.

Whoever completes the game without dropping their foot or displacing the rock into the line or wrong box wins. This game provides plenty of physical benefits. It also helps to learn self-control and helps the body to gain a rhythm. Developing body strength and utilizing the mind to brainstorm ideas is a bonus.

3) Tag

This is one of the simplest yet interesting games that you can encourage your child to play. It only requires open space and some children. The game starts with a person being decided as ‘It’. Now, ‘It’ has to run and tag other people. Others have to run and refrain from getting tagged. The fact that there are simply no rules and regulations with these games makes it all the more fun. This game helps to improve the coordination, agility, precision, and balance of the children. They learn to gain control of their muscles and also gain awareness of the environment around them.

4) Hide and seek

hide & seek'
This is yet another old-school game that never really loses its appeal. In this game, one of the kids has to turn around, close their eyes, and count to a specific number. Meanwhile, the other children have to hide. After the countdown is done, the person counting has to go, search, and then find the others hiding. You can play it with your friends or even your parents. This game does not only do wonders for the physical aspects but also helps in the emotional development of a child.

Chasing and finding others help them to improve their muscle stamina while ultimately helps in strengthening the muscles. It also improves their coordination and agility. Flexible thoughts, courage, controlling impulse are also the other facets that are improved.

5) Obstacle course

obstecle cross
You can help your child in ways more than one by developing a few obstacles in your backyard and making a course for him/her. In this game, the child has to cross several obstacles in his/her path to reach the end. To make it more competitive, you can play it with other children and time it to see who is the fastest. This game is a great source of physical activity for your kid. This not only sharpens their bilateral coordination but also helps them in balancing and strengthening their muscles.

Apart from the physical aspects, it also helps them to become more focused and enhances their memory by remembering the obstacle. It also challenges the intelligence of your kid and urges him/her to find solutions to the obstacles ahead.

6) Memory games

Memory Game
These games can be customized according to your preference and played both outdoors as well as indoors. You just need some cards with two identical sets. Mix up the cards and then turn over two cards. If they match, let it be. If they don’t, then turn them as they were. If you are playing with others, wait for your turn but remember the look and place of the particular card. Keep on playing till all sets have been found. It always does not have to be cards it can be a puzzle or a Rubik cube too. The game helps to improve concentration and attention span significantly. It also helps the children to sharpen their focus and improve their cognitive skills. Visual memory and quick thinking are also integrated due to the playing of this game. Spatial skills and solving the problem are also enhanced considerably.

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These are some of the best offline games that you can set up for your kids to play. There are many more such conventional games that your brain can come up with. Regular physical movements will not only keep them in good shape but also help them hone their natural instincts. Also, playing outside with others will help to sharpen their social skills, which are valuable for their life ahead.

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