Outdoor Activities for Kids That Are Both Fun and Cool 

kids activity

When the weather is nice, it should be simple to persuade your children to go outside and play. Right? However, children can be unexpectedly reluctant to rush out the door for play. It hasn’t always been this way!

Many children in the next generation are adopting indoor, sedentary activities such as iPad games, texting, or social networking for outside play. They are also more involved in knowledge-based time, such as homework and studying, than past generations of kids

Looking for an interesting and entertaining kid’s activity? Do you want to get your children outside? Do your children require an intervention with electronics? Then you’ve come to the right place! I’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest outdoor activities for kids to help you battle boredom and keep your kids entertained!

Hide & Seek

kids activity

source: friendshipcircle.org

From hide-and-seek to frozen tag and Red Rover, these are the classic outdoor pastimes you remember from your childhood. Teach your children how to play and see if they can come up with their own versions and modifications. (And what if it’s dark outside? It’s time to play flashlight games at night!)

Art & Craft

Art, like exercise, can feel detrimental to getting things done. It’s messy and may necessitate supervision. Setting up an art space—with paper, colouring books, glue, scissors, coloured pencils, and crayons easily available—will inspire kids to make art a part of everyday life routine while also making cleaning easier.


kids activity

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Search for a geocache to add a high-tech treasure hunt to your outdoor experiences. Navigate to a cache in your neighbourhood with a handheld GPS device (find them at geocaching.com). Take one of the prizes and leave one of your own. Alternatively, try letterboxing, which is similar but does not necessitate the use of a GPS gadget.

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Rocks Deco

Collect rocks with your children the next time you go on a trek. They can paint the stones at home with paint, stickers, markers, glitter, and other art items. Display the overall collection around the house, use them as paperweights, or gift them to friends and relatives!

Bicycle Ride

When children push pedals, their feet can propel them further. Bicycling is not only a convenient form of transportation, but it is also an enjoyable outdoor pastime for the entire family. Explore your neighborhood’s peaceful streets.


kids activity

source: insider.com

Toys are typically given to children during the holiday season, right in the middle of the school year, when they frequently do not have time to play with them. By the time summer arrives, they have been forgotten or, worse, broken. This does not have to be the case if you choose your children’s toys sensibly. Toys may provide hours of entertainment during the summer.


Reading for enjoyment every day is a wonderful habit to evoke in your children. Summer is a great time to inculcate the reading bug because there is no schoolwork or school activities to distract you. Summer reading is an activity that can be enjoyed by one or more children.

For new or struggling readers, try wordless books. Purchase comic books or magazines for your children. Setting out a specific time each day for reading encourages kids to develop the habit.

Trampoline Sprinklers

If you or your neighbours have a trampoline in your backyard, have your kids put on their swimsuits and go for a wet session of jumping, hopping, and tumbling. Turn on the sprinklers beneath the trampoline and you’ll have a wet area to play on in no time. Just be cautious and limit the number of children on the trampoline at one time to 2-3 to avoid collisions or sliding into each other.

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Fly A Kite

kids activity

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Flying a kite typically results in you running like the wind, making it a fantastic outdoor exercise for children. Simple kites are inexpensive to purchase and simple to fly. Are you still scared? On a windy day, go to an open field and watch other people’s kites fly.


It’s well-known as a great introductory sport for children, and for good reason. Team sports necessitate discipline and teamwork, but kicking the ball around in your backyard does not! On a makeshift goal, practise dribbling, passing, and shooting.

Giant Chalk Mosaic 

Creating large art exhibits using simply sidewalk chalk and a little tape is easy, fun, and the results are stunning. Kids can  make a huge heart mosaic out of chalk on the garage, and  watch neighbours come by and grin when they see it. You can simply make chalk art mosaics on pavement, the sides of houses, or even your garage door. It’s simple to wash away with the water and start over!

Paper Boat Race

kids activity

source: busytoddler.com

Making paper boats for a paper boat race could be a fun and easy outdoor game for the kids if you have a kiddie pool, nearby stream, or small piece of water nearby. First, have your children make paper boats out of materials that will keep the boats floating, and then race the boats by blowing through a straw to drive them.

Skating Time

The addition of wheels to outdoor activities nearly always improves their attractiveness. Kids will be off to the races if they are outfitted with quad or inline roller skates, helmets, and pads (you might want to jog alongside for your own workout).

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Take Away

Going outside in nature and being in “green surroundings” has numerous advantages for children’s development, mood, and focus. So, the next time you want to spark their imagination, watch their creativity bloom, listen to their laughter, and see the delight on their faces while being outside in nature, try any of these fun and easy outdoor activities for kids.

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