15 Best Smart & Fun Games for Kid’s Brain Development

mind game for kid

Parents are searching for enjoyable, interactive games to help trigger their minds and keep their toddler away from computers. As a parent, to discover cool activities that will engage your kid’s cognitive ability and amuse him or her at the same time, for that, you need to use a little bit over your mental capability. 

What activities will babies love since they are exciting, and families will enjoy as they continue to grow their children’s minds? Playing with your baby is an important part of growth. Kid’s do not only play to amuse themselves. They are continually learning from the moment they are born.

15 best intellect games for baby
Jigsaw puzzle

mind game for kid

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Family entertainment and incredible brain function in a pack are mysteries. These days, there are too many distinct formats, sizes, and forms to choose from. To improve visual vision, motor function problem – solving abilities strategies, they are the right alternative for your infant. Buying a cardboard triple mind map, the kind you see in the office depot is one tactic to make challenges more compact for your puzzle. That method, on the straight middle part, you can focus on the puzzle, seal it up and save it for the future or take it to a slightly different place.


In scrabble, you’ll have to spell out vocabulary and add accurately, or product scores, the popular gameplay of Scrabble promotes your child’s vocabulary and mathematical skills. For a fun way of learning different words while playing, you should also let younger toddlers use a dictionary.

Map hunt

Educate your toddler to read maps by using a pub crawl to build your own neighborhood map. When training them visual thought ideas and the meaning of activity, this mission can be an enjoyable challenge. Design a graph of your neighborhood, use a graph, or provide your baby with a marker and a ruler and let them get on with the drawing.  Then build a walking or biking path in the week for your family.


mind game for kid

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There are various riddles available to you in the books and the internet for the infant. Riddles enhance their thinking capacities, and this fun activity seems to be too much fun for them. You can make your own riddles and jokes for them to enjoy the whole activity and sharpen your child’s skills. 

Building blocks

From the dawn of time, blocks are perhaps the most fundamental and fun activity for little ones and have stayed consistent. Reveal your kid to blocks of varying shapes and dimensions, and that’s about it! Let the objects be explored by your baby and let their creativity flow. All facets of your infant’s growth are shown, along with the understanding of pattern/color scheme, imagination, visual awareness, and much more.

Spy games 

Pleasant cognitive sharpening challenges feature retro challenges like ‘I spy with my little eye…’,’ Simon Says,’ and scavenger hunts. These kinds of  growth activities help your kids obey orders, increase focus, learn vocabulary, and enhance their understanding of space. These keep your toddler occupied for hours and that too in some development activity. In a crowded world, having a targeted object helps improve the cognitive structures of your infant.

Obstacle courses 

mind game for kid

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Challenge courses are straightforward to build and are among the strongest children’s mind plays. Just in your lounge room you could set it up. Build basic obstacle courses with household materials, improve the difficulty of older babies with innovative barriers. Hurdle courses help improve the gross motor, sensory vision, motor control, balance, problem-solving, logical thought, and language proficiency of your baby. 

For you to do the following, a standard obstacle course will include anything to step on, crawl under, crawl over, climb, kick, jump, resolve a brain teaser, unlimited permutations!

Brain booster tape game!

When enjoying certain activities, the focus is crucial. It is an essential task for mind construction to grow. Yet, kids get overwhelmed too readily. For the little ones, here’s a fun brain sharpening game. Any sticky tape and a cutting board are all it takes. Using this mind playdown to help increase focus for your toddler. Young ones wanted to enjoy, smash and drag, and both of those acts are included in this entertainment!


Particularly in comparison to what toddlers gain from listening to a tale or viewing a storybook, storytelling helps trigger a particular personality growth. Storytelling takes a significant duration of time for your infant to pay close attention and concentrate. They still encourage their intellect, as they need to keep a record of the actors in the plot, the progression of occurrences, or what will occur now.

Storytelling also helps improve the grammar, language, and trust of your little one! Self-confidence and confidence are built by children in six; narratives are ideal for positively communicating their feelings and ideas.

Memory game

In a relaxing and exciting way, brain-stimulating memory games help enhance memory. It helps stimulate your infant’s mind, strengthen attention, enhance communication performance, practice memory retention, maximize interest, and concentrate. There are several types of memory activities which you can play at home: easy pairing tasks for smaller one, raising the number of components to enhance or decrease difficulty. 

The next individual continues the item as one party knows an item and introduces another element. The concept is to echo all of the items the individual has stated earlier to you. Continue the connection running before another breaks the link!

Blended learning

mind game for kid

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It’s an easy game and so much joy! You could practice a basic cognitive activity task in the car, in the store line, or just if they are lonely.

This exercise encourages your baby to think fast, create interaction, strengthen decision-making skills, and establish confidence. First, all performing gets a turn, the alphabet’s successive characters to type in the corresponding in the blank. 

Word hunt 

Word hunt contains image notecards and has to be paired with the right term that represents it. The topic, for example, might have an image of a book. Your child would have to select the illustration associated with the term book here, such as study, for example. There may be various vocabulary words, such as plants, vegetables, kitchen appliances, etc. For infants under age 5 who are always discovering new vocabulary, this play is perfect. It helps them to recall details and to define the names associated with the items as well.

Find the object

This is similar to that of word hunt, but the only difference is, you have to find the object and play this physically. The parent has to hide any object, and then the toddler needs to find that some object, followed by the hint written on the card. This fun activity occupies your kids’ time and also includes the physical activity of your infant. 

Kids play

mind game for kid

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A better mind growth practice is to pretend play, interactive activities, or create-believe play, as it plays a crucial part in an infant’s intellectual development. Dramatic play significantly improves the vocabulary, intellectual, and social ability of a child, nourishes their creativity, and strengthens their perception of reality surrounding them.

Pretending to play is a wonderful time to ask your baby some intellectual questions like Sorting Quiz at Quizondo and give them a reality check to encourage their reasoning process.

Numerical blocks 

It’s a little complicated to get your child to remember written numbers when they often find it difficult to comprehend complex concepts. To make the learning process enjoyable and exciting, musical numbers play an important role. Next, set up number blocks in your kid’s space with increasing quantitative value. For instance, in the center of the room, you can put one numerical block and two pieces near the bed and chair. Next, set up a music device in a position surrounding your favorite tracks so that it will be recognizable from the bed. 

Then, trigger the music and dance like a mad person with your toddler; they are compelled to join in! Lastly, pause the song and yell a count! This is because, with the right number blocks, your child must run to the region of the building. It is possible to replicate this phase until they understand all the figures. This also helps them understand alphabets, easily substituting alphabet blocks with numerical blocks.


mind game for kid

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Wrapping up after listing out the 15 best intellectual games at Live Enhanced for your infant boosts his/her thinking capacity and leads to overall development. Being a parent, you must have to be patient with your kid in his/her learning process and would not expect them to learn all the things quickly. Be patient with them, and always participate in those are with enthusiasm if you want your toddler to learn things. I hope it will help you out with your child’s brain development and growth. 

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