Pool Changing Room Decorating Ideas

Pool Changing Room

A swimming pool in your backyard is a fool-proof way to increase the beauty of your house. It not only provides you with a tranquil oasis to relax in during weekends, but it also allows you to impress your friends and neighbours. You can also make your swimming pool a centrepiece for your home parties and gatherings.

When you install a swimming pool in your backyard, it is necessary to include certain amenities with it. This is to make your swimming experience easier, more comfortable, and more pleasurable. A pool changing room is one such amenity that is indispensable if you have a swimming pool.

Need for a pool changing room

There are numerous benefits to having a pool changing room, especially if you are someone who swims or holds pool parties regularly. Some advantages of having a pool changing room include:

Easy to change

Pool Changing Room

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After a refreshing swim, you do not have to go into your home dripping water all over the floor if you have a pool changing room. This will lead to wet floors, furniture, and other such issues. The dripping water can also cause accidents, especially if you have little kids who run around.

Good for guests

If you have a pool changing room, your guests will also feel comfortable. It is more convenient for them to change in the pool changing room rather than walk into your home wet and looking for a guest bathroom. It is also convenient when you have pool parties and there are many people wanting to change their clothes after a swim.

Pool changing rooms with bathrooms

Pool Changing Room

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Investing in a pool changing room with a bathroom is also advantageous. This will allow you to take showers before and after you swim. Showering after swimming is important to clean the chlorine and pool chemicals off your skin.

Increases property value

A swimming pool itself enhances the value of your property dramatically. If you have other features like a pool changing room added to it, you can rest assured your home value will increase astronomically. So, a pool changing room is a good investment.

Ideas for your pool changing room

Your pool changing room need not be simply a room where you change your clothes or freshen up. You can brighten up the place with a few unique decoration ideas and design it to make a statement room. Some gorgeous design ideas for your pool changing room include:

Include a custom bathroom

Pool Changing Room

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You should include a toilet and a bathroom with a shower in the pool changing room. This means you won’t have to run into the house every time nature calls. You can experiment with your bathroom design and add customised accessories. You can use themed shower heads or baths to make the bathroom more gorgeous. Furthermore, you can also include more than one shower stall if your family has more members. This is also important if you frequently invite guests to pool parties. This will save a lot of time and increase convenience.

Use a kid-friendly design

If you have kids, it is always good to make your perth fibreglass pool changing room kid-friendly. You can try low shelving units to keep towels and robes that match your kids’ height. This will allow them to easily access these items. If you have really small kids, you can also include a changing table in the pool changing room. This will allow you to take care of your tiny tot even when a pool party is going on in full swing.

Themed room

You can include design features in your pool changing room that your family finds attractive. You can theme-paint the room and include decorations that match the theme. For example, if you paint your pool changing room based on a nautical theme, you can include decorations like a lifebuoy, fish sculptures, or even a small ship. This will add charm and beauty to the room and give it a statement look.

Make the storage space unique

Pool Changing Room

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Rather than going with the normal storage shelves, you can use some experimentation to store things in a creative way. Instead of the usual shelves, go for custom-made wall cubbies that will make the room look attractive. You can also use wooden shelves painted to go with the theme of the room. Wall-mounted racks to hold towels, coats, or bathrobes are also a good idea. You can even use hanging poles to hang towels.

Convert it to a living space

A swimming pool becomes an integral part of your life after you have one in your backyard. So, along with the pool changing room, you can have an adjacent living area. You can use this space to relax after you have finished your swim and changed your clothes. This can also be used as a space to spend some fun time with your family and guests after a swim session.

Add a small bar

Pool changing rooms need not be just a space to change your clothes or freshen up. You can include a small bar along with the changing room to have a refreshing drink or even have a little chat with your friends. Match the theme of your bar with the overall room design to have a coordinated look.

Include a game room

Pool Changing Room

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Along with the bar, you can also add a game room to the pool changing room. This will add more value and charm to the pool area.

Build a cabana

If you want to be a little unconventional about your pool changing room design, you can opt for a cabana. You can include a lot of features in your cabana, including a lounge area, a small bar, a bathroom, and a toilet. The cabana will give an exotic look to the pool area. You can make the cabana using fabric curtains or palm fronds. You can colour coordinate the curtains if you opt for a fabric cabana. A cabana will also increase the charm of your pool area during summer pool parties.

To Conclude

A swimming pool is a beautiful feature that increases the charm and appeal of your backyard. By designing a beautiful pool changing room, you can further increase the beauty and utility of the pool area.

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